Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Our society...the anti parent

Now first the disclaimer that I don't believe that I am the best parent in the world.
That said, I am getting sick of TV commercials and shows and people in public that seem to scream incompetent parenting.
Example, a new cell phone commercial which has the moral of "switch to our company and don't worry about going over on minutes" portrays a teenage girl laughing and talking away, while at home by the way, and the 'helpless parents' dazed watching her saying "she must have a new boyfriend and we are already over our minutes for the month"
My first thought...
Take the phone! It can be done respectfully and all, but she obviously could be on a land line and who thinks she needs to be on the phone for a long time anyway?
Which brings up the next point...
Since when do young teens need to have adult relationships?!?
Look at the 14 year old girl with the 18 year old boy friend who shot her parents! She was obviously having a rather adult like relationship that she (and he if you ask me) were completely unprepared for! Why? Because they are not adults yet! We cannot keep treating our children as adults and wondering when everything is screwed up!

I live in CA where the 9th circuit court thinks that parents should have even less rights regarding what their children can be taught and when. But I am not going down with out a fight.
I will teach my children respect for others, common courtesy (which is far from common, huh), faith and love, not to mention that I (and hubby) will be discussing sexuality as our children are individually ready! This is something that cannot and should not happen all at once to the detriment of the child, but something that needs to be handled as maturity is reached and as questions are brought up.
For example, my 2 year old isn't ready for "the talk" but last week during a diaper change, he said, (pointing at himself) " My peindus" then (pointing at me) "You peindus"; to which I explained "Neno, penis; Daddy, penis; Mommy, no penis."
This is a basic way he will learn the differences of the sexes, and his own, along the way, not all at once. And not by a stranger nor someone outside of a strong and loving relationship.

As we corrupt the family and the fabric of the foundation of our country, we cannot be surprised by immoral behavior and decadence. We should not be shocked when we strip parents of their respect and authority, or they simply wont take it, when we herd or children like cattle thru a failing public school system, and feed them lies like "there's no absolute truth" and have the results we are now seeing.

Exiting soap box.


cj said...

Appause!! I'd vote for you! :) Very well stated and I agree totally!

cheers, cj

Monica said...

Thanks CJ!
I actually considered deleting this post between writing it and now, but since you liked it... I'll leave it!
:0) Monica

jenn & simon said...

Monica, i agree w/ most everything you posted. My only concern is for those children who DON'T have educated parents like you obviously are. If their parents don't teach them at home and the school system isn't allowed to pick up the slack, where does that leave the child? Unfortunately, they end up ingnorant --or worse-- misinformed.

Don't delete posts! They're cathartic!

Monica said...

That is an understandable argument, jenn, and it is the most commonly used. However, we currently use it and see the undermining of parental authority as children are actually told that their parents values are wrong or out moded and are taught the double think of "Don't have sex, (it's illegal in many ststes for minors) but if you do, be safe."

That's like handing them a licence with out teaching them to drive, it's absurd and dangerous.

I do believe, however, that when sex was a much more taboo issue and children were taught the night before the wedding, if at all, they still figured it out alright. ;)