Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A quote for today...

I have been drinking tea from a company that puts quotes or thoughts on the paper.
I thought this one was funny.

"Let your manners speak,
your deeds prove and
your delivery impress."

Now maybe it's only me, but on a bag of"Pregnancy Support Tea"
"Your delivery impress" takes on a whole new meaning.
So I thought it was funny and decided to share it with you all!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Saw the nutritionist Friday

Well, I think I set myself up to be disappointed. I had so much I felt I could get out of this appt. and here I am more confused than before!

Let's go back.
I have Hypoglysemia, or low blood sugar. I understand the need to limit sugars and carbs, so that I don't have the usual spike-drop in blood sugar occur.

I was told by my DR that I needed to cut back on starches, and fruits, and definately the sugars.

The nutritionst says:
NO Cow's milk.
NO types of sugar including sugar substitutes and honey.
NO Milk, Fruits or Juices before 10 or 11 am.
And NO juices at all!
NO Caffiene or any type of soda.
NO eating starches and vegetables at the same meal.
Only 2 friut servings per day and only in the amts. listed.
I am to eat at the specified times and not 15 minutes of variation either way.....on time!
(I can see it now..."Oh, I'm sorry son. I can't change your diaper now beccause if i try I'll be late for my snack. You can wait about 30 minutes more right?:S)

I am to eat 3 servings of vegetables in one setting. I love my veggies, but 3 cups raw or 1 1/2 cups cooked is quite a bit for one setting! She says "You'll feel full." But that's not what I need.

At first she had me at a 1830 cal. per day diet, but I protested as I am pregnant.
"Oh," she says, "You don't need more than normal until you're in the 2nd trimester."
I said, "Yeah, but I'll be there on Wednesday!" So I got her to come up to 2000 cal.
This seems obsurd to us as I have no need to loose weight.
I am sure this will sicken those who have to diet, but I actually have a hard time gaining weight. I can loose 10 lbs. if I get the flu. I don't need to restrict my calories! and especially not while pregnant!!!!!
Maybe you are thinking that by eating "right" I will gain weight.
I do eat right. My DR and the Nutritionist both said I had a very good and balanced diet, except for the fact that my pancrease (sp?) thinks it needs to put out more insulin than it does.

So here we are back to square one of the confusion. I had not been sick for about 2 weeks before Friday's appt. Saturday was my first day trying this diet and I was sick, and felt half starved! I was worse yesterday and actually threw up my lunch (and the snack from and hour before that) in a parking lot. I was so embarased! And once again sick and hungry! Those two things really don't go together well!

I am thinking that I will hve to tinker with this diet and ask an expert on the WebMD forums!
Keep me in mind, and if you pray, I would covet your prayers!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

just a rant

SO maybe it's the hormones, but I have a short fuse for obnoxious things.

This Avis commercial is buggin!
SO it is a "rent from us and eventually we'll give you a free rental"
and it goes something like this...
A couple driving (In a rented car from Avis no doubt)
And the female (passenger) is trying to guess where they are headed.

This is the part that bugs!
1/2 of the 4 places she lists are inherently girly! "Oh, that Bed and Breakfast?
A Day Spa?" Perhaps he wants to go Skiing or Apple picking, but it seems to me like she wants him to do something she'd like to do...... not necessarily something he'd want to do or they could enjoy together.

So when they get there and they are taking "Lasso lessons" she's obviously ticked.
Well, prissy missy you were fine with him doing things you'd like....right?
I think it epitomizes our selfish society that wants the world to revolve around "me" no matter what that means for "you" and the rest of everyone else.
Roping is fun! I can rope a slow moving fence! teehee! She should suck it up and give it a try and maybe they can discover things that they like together. He's obviosly taken her to "that" Bed and Breakfast, kinda boring for a guy, but it wouldn't be "that" if they hadn't tried it.

Hubby and I like many things together, and many I wouldn't even kow how much I like them if I hadn't tried. In fact, there are times when a friend asks him to go do something and he declines the offer cause he'd rather go do that with me! And I love that!

So I guess moral of the story is:
Pregnant women are touchy!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Book worms

So I haven't really been MIA for the last week...I just left up the last blog (at the top of the page) so that people like CJ and Karen could find it when they came back.

But enough of that!

I have been wanting to compile this list and maybe encourage a few people to read these books to their kids. I wont give age ranges as we don't follow those and my kids always enjoy anything I read to them!

In no particular order:

Tumble Bumble by Felicia Bond
I'll Love you forever by Robert Munsch Ill. by Sheila McGraw
If you give a..... books (Mouse a Cookie; Moose a Muffin; Pig a Pancake)
by Laura Joffe Numeroff Ill. by Felicia Bond
Little Bear by Else Homelund Minarik Ill. by Maurice Sendak
Little Cloud (or any books by) By Eric Carle
Can't you sleep, Little Bear? byMartin Waddell Ill. by Barbra Firth
(Side Note: Barbra firth is an excelent Illustrator! You have to see the details!)

I also really enjoy a book called Zin Zin Zin a Violin but I don't know author info!

We like series like Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish (and other authors)
Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder
The Box Car Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner
I am sure I don't need to mention The Winne the Pooh series by A.A. Milne, but it's me I'll do it anyway!
The Padddington Bear series is also fun; got my kids hooked on Orange Marmalade! :0)
(Can't remember the author! :S)
And anything by Dr Seuss is always an entertaining challenge to tackle and we all get to giggling!
"Big I, little i, I, i, i, Icabod is itchy, so am I!" from the ABC book

This is just a sampling... we love books!
You can look these up at your library's website and even request the titles. Then all you have to do is run in to the library when you get a chance and pick them up at the front! I love this way to save time when I know what I need, but don't have the time to spend looking for it in the library. (It usually takes a week to have them there, here anyway, as some have to travel from other libraries in the county. And they'll hold them for 2 weeks after sending you notice in the mail.)
But it isn't only a fun way to spend our time it helps them to learn and most importantly to learn to love to read!
I have to go cuddle up with the books I took down (must spell names corectly) and my little ones and enjoy our favorite pass time!
Have fun!

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Cat is out of the bag...

So I can now tell you all that we are expecting an addition to our family in early September!

All of you who have guessed that, yeah, you were right.
I have this thing tho about my family finding out first. I made only small exceptions and most were for the purpose of prayer!

That makes us 10 weeks 5 days along which is farther than we made it the last 2 times when we miscarried. Last Friday I saw the OB and had an ultrasound, so we were able to see the baby move and the heart beat. They recommended that we take baby asprin one a day, every day. DR said that sometimes mothers have a problem with clotting, which causes the loss. We don't know that was the case, but they feel it is a precaution that should be taken. They don't feel I am "habitual", which is good because that increases the risk of another miscarrriage and makes it a high risk pregnancy. But they said I don't show signs of that, and have successfully delivered 3 babies.

I don't think I will feel "comfortable" until the baby is born and in my arms. I can no longer think that if things are "going the way they should" that it means we are "safe". I am not stressed about it so don't worry about that. I believe that God is the Creator and Sustainer of all life (as defined in the Psalms as from conception) and that He gifts these precious little ones to me for a short time..... my job is to give them back to Him. Also believeing Him to be good, I trust Him to allow whatever needs to be in my life and bring me through it a stronger and better vessel.

So far I am not so sick. I have a Sept. baby, and she and I were here together 7 years ago. Yet I remember it like it was last week. I was so sick and only got sicker and sicker and nothing helped, no Rx drug, no natural vitamins and herbs, and I found out I am intolerant to the Rx prenatals, I believe because they are synthetic. So by now with her, we were learning the finer art of driving and throwing up at the same time, and had some non oral medicine (yuck!) and became familiar with bathrooms all over my area. I was sick like that thru at least 20 weeks and then it settled to being only a couple times per week that I would throw up, through the end of the pregnancy. My shortest bout was with my son and I was done being terribly sick at 16 or 17 weeks.
So this time seems like a cake walk. I didn't know it could be so easy and still be pregnant. My only times of not being sick during this time we miscarried early. So to see baby was a bit of a relief still, tho it doesn't seem like "safe" is a real thing. Dr told me to think about the successes I have had and not the losses.

Well, enough of this rambling giving out more TMI as usual!
I'm off to give baths and start our school day!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Really have something to say?

Today instead of simply rambling as usual....
I thought I'd spend some time explaining a discovery I may have made.
No it's nothing big or scientific, but may make me a little less mysterious!

With a diagnosis of Hypoglysemia, which is low blood sugar, many of my episodes of loss of consciousness could be contributed to the blood sugar issue.
Now I had figured this could be the case with the fainting like stuff, but what about the seizure like stuff?
Well, the recent advances in studies have revealed that not all seizure like behavior can be contributed to the two former causes, epilepsy, or faking for attention. They have decided to make a new category called Non Epileptic Seizures or Non Epileptic Events. Of which there are two categories, Psychological and Physiological.

Now some of the stuff I have researched suggest that NES can only be the psychological events, but there is much evidence that physiological conditions can contribute to these types of convulsions.

So what's my point?
Simply this...
It is highly probable that I have experienced NES of physiological origin due to drops in blood sugar. The only thing that hinders this from being a truely enlightening finding is that when I had my last 2 episodes, they were 15 minutes apart and I was 20 weeks pregnant, I had to be sent to the ER and there, directly after having a convulsive episode, my blood sugar tested 100 which is in the normal range. So now I simply don't understand how it could recover so quickly!

But perhaps this is the begining of a life a little less mysterious!
(Do I have to change the name of my blog?) ;0)
{Editors note ;) The original intent of this blog, started at WebMD's request, was to share with others whatever medical condition you had. So my title was "Medical Mysteries of Monica" as we don't have a specific condition found... only certain symptoms that something isn't right... maybe that screw that's loose?!? ;) }

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

the things kids say or should this be the things MY kids say?

Due to the fact that we have a difficult time getting our kids to eat meat, and sometimes anything other than junk, we instituted the so many bites rule. Depending on the age of said child they are expected to eat at least one bite for each year they are old. (they have to be actual bites too, not nibbles)
So our 3 year old (who will have to take 4 bites starting next month) begged yesterday to have 3 more bites. She usually goes on and on (at dinner particularly) about how this is the "best dinner I've ever had today" while she sits avoiding eating any of it; and that's exactly what she had done prior to the begging. So we allowed her 3 bites. I saw 1 and 2 but missed seeing if she had taken 3 or not. So I asked her, thinking the whole time that as any kid would she'd lie to avoid bite 3, and she said that she had eaten it already.
I suggest that perhaps for our sake she can choke down another bite to make sure? And my 6 year old backed me up by saying "Yeah, Mo, you should take bite 3 again."
To this Moriah responds, "I can't. I already ate it."
SO I figured she must have actually eaten it since the response time was so quick and accurate especially for a 3 year old!

Adventures in family life

Well, we are all sick now..... thankfully not the stomach flu like fever and throwing up thing my son did last week, but we all have some sort of cough and sneezing-running stuffed noses (if that makes sense) and a general ill feeling.

Add to this the carelessness of my 6 year old who threw a book yesterday, which hit my almost 4 year old in the nose causing it to bleed. And my son constantly trying to climb out of his crib at nap time. And the mellow drama that goes on continually; yesterday Ysa (6) was Laura Ingalls, Moriah (>=4) was Mary Ingalls, and Nathaniel (2) was Mr. Edwards. Today they are some of their own made up characters and they keep switching who they are so I can't even tell you which "friends" are here right now.

So I made soup for dinner, Sopa de Albondigas, and it turned out quite a bit more meatball and less soup, so I'll just be adding to it for dinner tonight, but that's less work than a normal dinner, so I'm not complaining.
Due to brain fog on all our parts, school will be light duty this week.
Yesterday we did: Spelling: new list; Math: introducing 3 addends; and watched a Science movie. So today we will most likely continue on that same path. Ysa, of coarse, reads all the time so I don't have to assign it much, and she's having Little House withdrawls since we are waiting to go to the Library for the last book in the series. She's already asked if we can start over again since we don't have the last book right now!

I am still waiting for a returned call from the nutritionist so we can make a new appt. and Friday we have 2 appt.s so I may have a busy for me week.

So I think I'm going to stop this stream of consciousness writing and go rest now.
Wish me well.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Appt. Reschedualed

Well, yesterday my little guy was under the weather.
He was stomach flu like sick and we had to cancel my appt. with the nutritionist.
I was bummed as I had high hopes of being able to eat better starting yesterday, but the little guy comes first! Don't worry he is bouncing off the walls today and making up for lost mischief time now! ;o)

So for now I have no new news. Bummer.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Would you be irked?

So today is the first, the lovely day that I pay rent. usually I get it there a few days early, but I wasn't feelin' all that well, so I didn't do it until today.
Anyway, we have kind of a sticky relationship with our landlord. When we moved in here a lady from our church was the manager for her grandparents in law who owned the property. Her husband never seemed to care for me, but it never really concerned me. I figured we were different types of people, so maybe it was just that. His wife and I became good friends and spent a good deal of time together until a year and a half ago when she moved. They got a divorce, and as they almost all are, it wasn't pretty. I think this hurt the already uneasy relationship with her now ex husband and myself as now I was the exwife's friend.
Well, before all that divorce stuff they lost the grandparents 3 months apart. So now the ex husband is my landlord.
He seems cool with us and doesn't act as put off by me a he did before. (Maybe now I am more of a person since he's had to talk to me instead of his exwife doing it.) But a lady that lives with him seems to dis like me very much. They are next door to us and since the post office failed to deliver my rent one month, I walk the check over. When there is a vehicle present, I always ring the bell first, and for a couple of months I got the lady; she seemed very put off that it was me and was rude. And one other time their mail got delivered to my house, but I didn't know anyone's name, except my landlord and she was like mad at me when I tried to give her their mail! So now, when the vehicle is there, I ring the bell and no one comes. Eventually tired of standing in the chilling 25 mph wind, I put the check in the mail box.
Today after puttting the check into the mail box, I wasn't even back to my own when she came out and got their mail. It kinda irks me that she totally avoids me. I try to be a nice person and I have never been mean to her in anyway. Maybe now it is she who doesn't like me for being the exwife's friend?

Oh well!
A good rant always helps!

In other news,
I tried to tell my mother in love my secret..... it didn't get through!
But just so you know Jenn, I am trying to tell you soon.
In fact I have thought a few times that I could tell everyone who reads this and no one in my family would ever know..... not one of them reads it! I guess they hear enough from me all the time :S