About Me

Was guessing some may like a little more info than my "just a nut" quote. ;)

I am a 30ish, Christian - Homeschooling - Wife-Mommy-Daughter-Sister-Friend who every so often drops a line or two here of what she is thinking or doing.
I have 6 beautiful, brilliant children I am blessed to have with me here, and 3 eternal beings celebrating with the angels that I was blessed to know about for only a short time.

I started my blogging journey with a different purpose.  WebMD asked some of the people who posted on their forums to give blogging a try.  I was one of them.  They wanted us to talk about our particular condition and see if blogs were something they wanted to offer everyone.  I think I am the only one still blogging on the same blog (with title change) of the beta group, but I figured it was cathartic at the least and it *may* be encouraging to someone else to read my thoughts. >shrug<

So here I still sit and type every so often... lost in cyber space for the most part ;)
(though I once accidentally came up in my own google search! eeek!)
and I appreciate your occasional comments Tracey! LOL :)

Be Blessed!