Saturday, November 26, 2005

life in our home....

Hubby: "Forgive your uncoordinated man," as he spills some of our dinner;
Me: "Do they come another way?"
Hubby: "Why, whatever do you mean?" in shocked (sarcastic) tone
Me: "Men, do they come coordinated?"
Hubby: "I still don't understand."
Me: "Would you like me to elaborate?"
Hubby: "Yeah, maybe ..."
Together "...draw a picture!?"
Me: "Sure." grabs pen and paper...
Draws picture of toilet....
Me: "Affectionately called the 'jon', it epitomizes the uncoordinated male"
Hubby: "Whatever do you mean?" still very sarcastic, as usual.
Me: "Maybe only women can understand....... they are the only ones to clean behind the toilet!"
(thinking **buh*dum*bum*pish**)
Hubby:"Like when does that happen?"


Caprice_WebMD_Staff said...

*LOL!* You really have a way with words, Monica! Thanks for the laugh today.

cj said...

Very funny. I still think you won, even though hubby had the last word.

cheers, c j

Monica said...

caprice, You are quite welcome... the funniest thing to me is it is entirely satire... my hubby has great aim and it is my 3 year old daughter who gets the toilet wet!
CJ, he had the last word, but if you'd seen my bathroom that day you'd know why he won! **wink*wink**