Monday, November 21, 2005

sick & tired: Is it or isn't it?

sick & tired: Is it or isn't it?

AMAPAIN made some great points in her post "Is it or isn't it"

It got me thinking about a famos quote "Don't read medical Books, you may die of a misprint."

I would like to point out tho that DR shopping can be necessary sometimes. In many cases it is a problem with either uninformed/updated DRs and the ever present poor bedside mannor.

My 1st neurologist gave me a diagnosis of anemia and told me to take iron, with out a blood test....maybe he was sick of my comming in? Iron poisoning can be lethal! (see my previous post)
My second neuro spent more of my appointment asking why I have kids and "so many" when I was there pregnant with my third. She said several times that I "shouldn't have any more" but this was personal opinion and not medically based!
So then neuro #3 looks like I must be trying to get the diagnosis I want by DR shopping. Maybe it isn't I want a perticular diagnosis, just say, to have one! I think it creeped him out that I had been to 2 others already and maybe he didn't think I would stick with him either.

ANyway, AMAPAIN, I liked your post and it inspired thought! Thought you'd like to know!

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amapain said...

Thank you Monica,

I've had to question one of my docs several times on his diagnosis of me. After him sending me to a neuro-surgeon, then me going to another one and both of them having the same diagnosis, he started treating me a little differently. Almost nice.

I hope can the answers you are needing.

Thank you for the support