Thursday, June 30, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY the last of June 2011

Outside my window... Bright blue skies, trees swaying in the breeze; warm sunshine streaming.

I am thinking... finally taking time to do this in daylight hours! ;) We have so much to prepare for our camping trip (just gonna plan on it til the day we go or don't)

I am thankful... to have a working vacuum again, and several cleaning projects done.

From the learning rooms... going to focus today on the History of the Fourth of July. :)

In the kitchen... lots of leftovers we need to be creative with... thinking I'll turn some of it into Chimmi-chungas, or some other deep fried food ;)

I am wearing... Grey nursing top, tan skort, white socks.

I am creating... several fun cover pages for journals we plan on keeping... like our "Camping Commentary" to keep thoughts like these daybooks of our trips (and temperatures) to look back on. :)

I am going... to get my stitches out tomorrow! Really can't wait as I think they are bugging me more than the incision.

I am wondering... why blogger wouldn't let me post or comment the last couple of days.

I am reading... Bible ~Always!~ Blogs; need to bring Ann's book with me camping :)

I am hoping... that we can have a nice vacation time for Hubby to relax and enjoy. He will be really discouraged if we can't go camping (would be due to sickness,) so I'm hoping we can enjoy the time regardless of where we are.

I am looking forward to... camping (noticing a theme?)

I am hearing... the sounds of children interacting (and some bickering) and the whoosh of the cooler.

Around the house... I've actually gotten some things cleaned that really needed it... like the vacuuming, and the stove range so that the back burner will light again.

I am pondering... the illnesses we've been battling so long; and if Karissa is whiny because her ears hurt, or if she is having a reaction to her antibiotics, or just because... maybe teething finally?

One of my favorite things... Listening to rain. It's been awhile, but that's life in a desert!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Dr trips are happening more often right now, so a couple of those. A little shopping and packing; celebrations and BBQs for the holiday; hopefully camping soon-ish!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Got Marshmallows? ;)

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And another day goes by...

We managed to get into our Pediatrician Monday, and get 3 kids seen; two in the morning and 1 late in the day... which means 2 trips into town, no naps, nothing done around the home front.
2 of those have ear infections, which brings the family total to 3 kids... 4 ears since Baby Karissa has a double :-/ The one little one who sounded the worst actually isn't sick. Probably allergy yuckies, but nothing they Drs are worried about.

Tuesday, trying to listen to the wise advice from Leslie in my comments the other day, I took a nap and did pretty much nothing else... well, we did do Bible time! I also went to bed at a reasonable time! (shocked? I am!)

Today we have a few errands which went surprisingly well! Thanking God for a working Vacuum! So today I maybe undid the rest from yesterday, but it has been soooo long since we had a vac that I hardly waited til we were inside to plug it in! Seems kinda sad to me that I am so proud of my accomplishments for vacuuming the two largest rooms in our house and washing dishes... but I am happy it is done!

And now as I try to wind down, my mind is spinning every-which-a-way with thoughts...
like choosing to thank God for giving antibiotics as a way to help heal our bodies, instead of mulling over the sad "Baby's first" foods (flavors) ranking "fruit gum flavored amoxicillin" in the top few. (Of course, she has scavenged a few things I wish she hadn't too)
or wondering if I am selfish for snuggling her close as she sleeps and savoring that moment; when earlier, though she cried, I could not simply sit and hold her... too much to do... :(
and have I even learned the lesson that *this* time goes so swiftly!? Sure we need clean dishes, but won't they always be there? She will not always be this small and demanding (she'll be larger and demanding ;) lol) and I Will Miss This!

So I may just blog a couple of un-numbered gratitudes.

  • Cilantro Flowers
  • Being able to walk more easily (after cyst removal/stitches)
  • The feel of soft baby hair against my chest... close to my heart.
  • The little bee in the zucchini flower.
  • Cool breeze after a long, hot day.
  • Wind blowing ripples in the alfalfa.
  • Unexpectedly bumping into dear friends. (gotta love Costco! lol)
  • Our first "mini-batch" of salsa from our own garden stock!
  • Friendly, helpful nurses.
  • Antibiotics, wisdom God has given to men for our benefit.
  • A working Vacuum.. same day, cheaper than expected!
  • Sunshine through the clouds.
  • The occasions when I do well instructing my children.
  • Honesty -- even when it hurts.
  • The odd places & ways little people find to sleep.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Walk a Mile in My Shoes. ~ By Linda@Truthful Tidbits~

I enjoy finding others looking for beauty and encouraging our walk with the Lord. When I find that person, whether on a blog or in life, I just want to spend time with them and refresh one another.
Linda@Truthful Tidbits has a lovely and encouraging blog; where I found this gem of poetry :)
She has another about Childhood that I really enjoyed as well.
(but you'll have to stop by her lovely blog for that one!)
Thank you Linda for sharing these beautiful words! (and permission to pass them on!)

Walk a Mile in My Shoes ...Linda Hogeland…June 2011

Some people say…walk a mile in my shoes… before you judge me today
And before that walk you take in my shoes…please take a moment to pray

Before you reach out…to remove the small speck… that you see so clearly in mine…
Ask the Lord to help you… remove the big plank… that distorts your vision sometimes

As you walk in my shoes, and the obstacles fall, across your path at every turn
Take a moment to pray for some grace in your day…use it as an opportunity to learn

Learn to be thankful for all that you have… and don’t covet what I might obtain
For the grass is not greener on this side of the fence…and my life has often held pain

If you jog… don’t get blisters…cuz my shoes are quite small, and I can’t afford to buy new
You may wish that you had not walked in my shoes at all…but the ones that fit better on you

And if I’d turn it around, it might just be found, that your shoes would be hard to fit too
So the mile that we walk, let’s take time for a talk, and be friends and decide what to do

Life is harder than it seems… and we all lose our dreams… and a shoulder to lean on is nice
So next time you hear, “walk a mile in my shoes”…may I give you a little advice?

Have compassion and care…take the time just to share, and to listen to what others say
But first and foremost…don’t ever boast…there’s plenty more trials on the way

Yes, we all need to care…when we see such despair and we need to help where we can
There once was a King who walked under a cross…shouldering that burden for man

He took our place upon that old rugged cross as He hung there in sorrow and pain
Yes He died in our place for our sins and disgrace so that we could be free from the shame

Talk about walking a mile in our shoes…He forged on to Golgotha for me
And for us He endured all the things that He heard as they mocked Him as He hung on that tree

What a blessing it is that He walked in our shoes to the death that we all so deserved
From now on I will talk of that life giving walk…and try not to be so reserved

Lord…may I walk in their shoes… and give them Good News… that you lovingly gave to me
And like you… may I give of myself everyday…to all the burdened people I see!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Simple Women's Daybook

Sorry I am not up to blogging more this week. I had hoped to share a few things, but the Tuesday cyst removal aftermath proved to be something I wasn't ready for... so I've been on light duty again and just plain wore out.

Outside my window... it's dark! (really Monica... at 1 what am???) ;)

I am thinking... that I don't seem to get into bed at a reasonable time anymore!

I am thankful... that the Lord answers prayers!

From the learning rooms... we had a fairly productive and fun school day... and the Science experiment is officially a flop! Oh, well! So we can grow beans in the only container that shouldn't grow them (before) and now can keep mint alive in the conditions it was supposed to languish in and kill it in the others! (this time) lol

In the kitchen... We did a simple Cabbage dish tonight... one pot, so less energy used... fairly simple and I didn't have to be up long doing it. :)

I am wearing... a black nursing top, and a skort with green and leaf patterns... barefoot.
(Does the bandage on leg leg count?)

I am creating... not too much right now.

I am going... or hope to be going, camping soon, but the list of Dr visits is lengthy for us, so we'll see...

I am wondering... about my friend that I was thinking of and praying for last week... and missing her very much.

I am reading... the Bible; still trying to work on Ann's 1000 gifts book; mostly others blogs.

I am hoping... that my leg will feel much better tomorrow and I'll be back to "normal" soon.

I am looking forward to... some time with hubby when he is off for the coming holiday.

I am hearing... the stillness of the house and the whoosh of our cooler.

Around the house... things are not getting done much. :/ Oh, well... they'll keep.

I am pondering... How I can help that dear friend (& her family) that I am wondering about.

One of my favorite things... Reading aloud with my kids and hearing them ask for more~

A few plans for the rest of the week: Try "not to over do it." Couple of Drs visits. Teaching.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Look to the Son as Susan lifts her face and follows the sun!

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