Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Have Thine Own Way

Some times as trials come into our lives, we try to take control, or rationalize, maybe even have a pity party.... But how I long to simply say: "LORD, have Thine own way."

This post comes on the heals of several trials and falls this year. We have had loss and health difficulties, and therefore financial difficulties, and yet He is faithful and patient with me. (Even when I am throwing a pity party.)

I suppose I will use this blog as a venting tool. Maybe someone will read it, maybe not; perhaps, it will do good for me to simply speak my mind and heart.


Kyra_WebMD_Staff said...

Monica - venting is good for the heart and soul. Please carry on!

(and let us know what you'd like the name of your blog to be so we can fix that quickly)


Monica said...

Suggestions are welcome!
I have a creative block :D

Kyra_WebMD_Staff said...

Suggestions? About the title? Ha let me think on it.

Trials and Tribulations of Epilepsy? Epilepsy, in the blink of an eye...
Epilepsy, it's not my whole world?

Monica said...

the only problem is I have no official diagnosis, the last neuro's was an official "I don't know"

How does "The medical mysteries of Monica" sound? tee hee! Maybe too much of a mouthful :-b

Kyra_WebMD_Staff said...

Monica, I actually like that title quite a bit. I don't think it's a mouthful at at all.

Why don't we change it to that, and see how you feel about it in a week or so.

If you come up with something better, we can easily change it.

Monica said...

Sounds fine to me.... but I may keep thinking.
Maybe a subtitle of "and other ramblings" as I will probably talk about more than the medical side of life.

But use your judgement as to what sounds best.

Tracy said...

Hi Monica,
I am trying out one of the Webmd Blogs also....Looking forward to reading up on your "medical mysteries"!