Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Convulsive Syncope or Epilepsy

I am apparently far from alone in my quest for truth.
Just a quick search for Convulsive Syncope gave me too much information! And most often the information is comparative.
Convulsive Syncope vs. Epilepsy.
I found this Postgradmed article to be quite an overview!!!

So is it Syncope?
I don't know! I have an appointment with my GP to discuss alternatives/tests needed to find out just what may be going on.
I have two different types of episodes, and it is possible that I have 2 seperate things taking place. My 1st episode to be reviewed by a neurologist was deemed a seizure, initially atleast. My 2nd neuro was quick to call my episodes seizures, even with a 5 year gap.

I am pretty sure some of my episodes are fainting. They are more drop like attacks and last as little as 30 seconds, but do not stop with laying down and carry pre and post episode symptoms that are the same as my other episodes.

The other ones last 2 to 5 minutes, and have definate freak out the witnesses movements and "demonic" faces. (Hey Jodi, maybe we could coin the phrase "demonica" to describe the faces I make?) These don't seem to be consistent with the movements described in the Syncope articles. Still I have little post event confusion, but plenty of head and body aches, and tiredness. I also have a short freak out session following these where I go hysterical, only to have an abrupt stop to those feelings.

One main problem is that EEGs aren't complete. Most people don't have abnormal brain waves all of the time, altho I apparently do they are slow waves not epileptiform, or fast, spike waves. None the less, unless you have a seizure during the EEG it will not pick up if you do or do not have seizures. Further some seizures are deeper in the brain than they can pick up with surface electrodes and depth electrodes seem quite a bit risky to me!
My EEGs (I've had 2) were normal and my MRI was normal, so it looks like a Tilt Table test and maybe some others that I haven't found yet are next on the menu!

If you are dealing with this same sort of thing we have several outlets for information and venting, like the Epilepsy Support Group @ WebMD, Epilepsy Foundation of America, and Each of these places offers the most updated information on subjects dealing with epilepsy and other similar disorders, as well as a whole network of people in our shoes. They are or have been where we are and understand the trials of searching for answers. Many offer additional sites to look for answers.
Happy hunting to us all.

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Interesting links, thanks for posting those.

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