Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I hate hormones!

Sorry the last post was so long.
It did come with a warning! :)

I didn't really see a way to break it up, I would think it confusing to come in on the second half of a long winded story and have to go back in the posts to get the whole thing.... but I am computer illiterate! :o)

Well, for others who, like me, are hating their natural cycles and hormones, I found an almost all inclusive article on WebMD. I found it helpful, I hope you do too!

I am going to get back to trying to be a good mommy now, pray it works!



Kyra_WebMD_Staff said...

Good link, Monica. Sometimes we all hate hormones, but where would we be without them... ;-)

Monica said...

I suppose we wouldn't be... tee hee! ;o)