Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Long ago, before computers became the generally accepted mode of communication, we used a pressed fiber sheet and graphite or ink implement with which to make markings on said sheet.
Many fibers can be used for making these sheets like cotton, linen, even elephant dung (ick) but my favorite, being cheap and readily accessible, is tree fibers. There are even forms that are pre-folded and contain art work and sometimes sentiments that may be appropriate for your occasion; like "Merry Christmas;" "Happy Birthday;" or "Thank you!"
Other accessories you may need are specially folded fiber sheets in order to send your message through the postal system* and the necessary postal tax.
*Postal system: an archaic system of boxes and sorting facilities run by government workers which collect and distribute articles and tax the users.

The implement you choose for marking with will need some practice to use well. Wrapping your fingers around close to the tip area will help. After many year of only scrolling your signature and occasional list, you may find that your hand cramps quickly; I suggest starting out slowly, and taking breaks as needed.

Though antiquated with the arrival of email and social networking, many are still moved my a single note sent by post. The art of writing a "thank you card," for example, though extinct prior to the internet communication takeover, still moves many to endearment of the sender and in turn causes the "thanked" to give thanks to the sender!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


The LORD has been showing me some areas that my perspective may need a little tweaking.

First... for quite some time I've been a little down on the messages our Pastor gives. They are smart and funny, they are biblical; but they feel so surface level that I wanted something deeper. Each message I'd think of some nugget of Truth I wished he would have brought out. Well, it hit me like a ton of bricks that maybe, just maybe, the HOLY SPIRIT sharing those nuggets with me had nuggets HE was sharing with every believer at their own place... some deeper and some closer to the surface. Maybe my little nuggets of Truth were actually just underneath the surface and I was feeling prideful about "needing more depth" than I was getting.
Time for some perspective.

Then it was about GOD being the ONE in control... as in not me! :-O ;)
I was driving myself home from a failed visit with a friend who happened to be struggling very much emotionally. At first I was upset that I had not gotten to visit, and with the way it was prevented... then I said "GOD is in control. Maybe HE doesn't need me to do HIS work! (like that's news) Maybe I need a reality check. GOD is able to make good of the effort; whether it was prevented by the enemy or was GOD's will that I not visit her at the time doesn't matter... HE will work all things together for the good of those who love HIM, who are called according to HIS purpose." With this perspective firmly in place, I was able to simply pray over the friend from afar, knowing that the SPIRIT I was speaking to was not bound by my location but was with her also.
So today when everything felt like it was going wrong (and my attitude was showing it!) I went... wait a minute! GOD knows all of this is happening. It is NOT outside of HIS control or HIS plan and purpose for me... plans to prosper me and not to harm me, to give me hope and a future. Therefore, these things that seem to be wrong are not all they seem. HE will make good of it!

That perspective, and some Carob Cake, went a long way toward changing my bad attitude. ;)