Thursday, November 17, 2005

feelings, nothing more than feelings....

Ok so maybe it's more than feelings, like hormones!

I was thinking to myself last night, that I am happy even tho I wasn't feeling happy.

It's all about those terrible hormones that are still wreaking havoc and not doing what they should!

I talked to the DR last night. To my shock and amazement she called me and I actually talk to a DR on the phone! And she seemed fine with everything and, unless I am hemorraging, I don't need to worry. Of coarse this is my cynical exageration of what she said, but that's what I read out of it. In other words... Stop calling!

I am wondering if, perhaps, what my body is doing, which is what it shouldn't, is maybe what the 1 percentile group does do. Which would make me normally abnormal. right?
When I said that to hubby he simply kissed me and said that maybe I should get some sleep.
But seriously folks, maybe my body responding in its rebellious way is its normal!
Whaddya think?

The lining inside my uterus is apparently 2 cm thick and I seem unable to find info on how thick it should be. But to me, lay person, I think it should go away now, and it isn't. Dr said to still expect a heavy flow soon, like next cycle (if this one ever ends) and we'll wait and watch.
SO very comforting, really. It does, however, sound a lot better than the hysterectomy word I kept reading in my search for how thick is thick/normal.

Well, I had hoped to put plenty of nifty linky thingys in this post, but I found little to no info pertaining to my situation, so no links this post! Maybe next time. ;)

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