Friday, November 04, 2005

"Let them eat cake"

How many of us are on some sort of irrational diet that leaves practically nothing on the safe list?

My husband was told, 4 years ago, that he has high cholsterol. Since then we have been on a low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium diet and tried a "promise to make you healthy" meal replacement plan. Now on top of trying a product line called USANA , we are trying for low glysemic too!

I have no idea what to fix for dinner that meets all the criteria and isn't always chicken!

Stir fry has become my new favorite. I try to do more veggies and no starchy side dishes, but it is still a pain to figure out what to make.

I have also tried to look up recipes at Kraft and modify the recipe to suit us. Their site is really cool. It has a search tool that lets you search for recipes by ingredent, like ground beef or pork, or also search by meal, like breakfast or dinner. It has nutritional labels for almost every recipe too!

Well, I have dinner figured out for tonight so I should quit gripping!


jeff said...

Good work Monica. I use the site Epicurious for my recipes, though not always the most low fat ;-). My heart healthy dinner are usually a huge pile of lettuce with olive oil and vinegar, then some sort of protein. Have you tried Tempeh? it's a great meat substitue.

Be well,


Monica said...

Thanks Jeff.
I haven't heard of tempeh, but don't like tofu nor boca anything!
Haven't quite figured out the link mode yet either.
Oh, well. It's a work in progress!

:D Monica

Kyra_WebMD_Staff said...

Monica, honey, you are missing out on a resource that is right at your fingertips.

Recipe Doctor, Elaine Magee, ever heard of her? She has a message board at WebMD called Healthy Cooking. She's actually got a blog right there on your right nav called - you guessed it, Recipe Doctor.

Go to her board. Tell her what you like to eat and what you don't like to eat. Or better yet, post a recipe that you love but know doesn't meat the low fat/low sodium requirements and ask her to lighten it. I promise you, she can and she will and you won't know the difference!

Elaine will be your salvation, she's been mine on numerous occasions. (And if you don't like tofu or 'boca' then you won't like Tempeh... but maybe you just haven't tried the right 'boca' or tofu recipes...Elaine makes a mean tofu pudding...)

Monica said...

Thanks Kyra,
I found her blog yesterday after I posted mine!
I have only had a pc/dsl since last November and still don't navigate that well. I found WebMD 1st thing, but stayed at the boards for Epilepsy and Ask the OB.
Other thsn that I really didn't search that much!
I'll do better :ob tee hee!