Monday, August 27, 2007

just hafta whine

Ok this is much more of a vent than anything.

Where I live, I cannot fit a dryer in my laundry room, so we have a laundry line. We share that line with our elderly neighbor and with a family, both of whom have dryers.
Today I have 3 or so loads worth of clothes, that will take up all of the 5 lines available and one of my neighbors is using 3 of them! I was so bummed!
Here I am with 2 loads in my arms, wet and heavy, when I see that I cannot hang up most of what I've washed. And I don't have the option to shove it all in a dryer. To use a dryer I have to pack all my stuff, myself and my 4 kids in a car and drive to some other place, often paying to use it there; all the while accomplishing nothing of what I planned to do at home!

Ok with that off of my chest, I'll move forward.

edited 3 hours later

So after my whining and complaining was done....
I continued to get done other things I planned for the day, and saw that my neighbor had taken in her laundry. I was able to hang mine out.
In the process, I realized that she has just as much right to use the line as I do, and that she is more considerate than I as she didn't leave her laundry up all day, but took it down as soon as it was dry.

Moral of the story....
whenever you point the finger at someone else 3 are pointing back at you!!!
Introspect a little and see if you aren't as guilty as the person bothering you; you may find, like I did, you are more guilty than the other.