Monday, December 05, 2005

Bring you up to speed.....

Well, it's been a day or four.
Thursday was great fun for the end of our 1st semester of 1st grade.
We got to go to Knott's Berry Farm for the day and we all had lots of fun!
I was even talked into doing one of those carnival games where you have to climb a ladder to reach a button... I made it half way, twice, and have not yet seen the pictures; I'm sure they are oh so flattering!

Friday, I had an appt. with my GP DR. He has once again impressed me. I talked about the syncope vs. seizure (see my previous post) dilema and he also agrees that something is going on and we need to find out what. He has asked that I document my diet for 10 days and have a 5 hour gluclose tolerance test (gtt) and have a 24 hour heart monitor. I still need to make the appt. for the gtt and will get the holter monitor put on this week. I figure I have until July to get as much done as I can before my deductible starts over again, so I'm gonna try to cram it all in!

Saturday and Sunday are my usual boring life, so I wont say much about them...
I have finally gotten the dreaded cycle that I have been expecting, and I'd like to say that my hormones are back to what they should be; but for now, I'm still very moody and hormonal, so I'll wait on that! ;)

We have, for me, what is an exciting week, starting our 2nd semester of 1st grade and going to the dentist. I'll also get that heart monitor on, and look ever so fashionable for a day or so. :)
I am glad tho to have my DR. trying to look into what could be happening.

I also have my little girls' Christmas presents almost entirely finished! They are too cute!!!
I can't wait to see their faces on Christmas!

OK well, school must go on!
So I must go too. ;)

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