Thursday, November 03, 2005

When troubles come.....

The saga begins.

One of the many trials we have endured this year is almost over!
I have either seizures, syncope (fainting), or convulsive syncope, and I suppose there is the possibility I have Non-Epileptic Events.

All that said, I had to renew my driver's licence this July, and because of these events (and the fact that I was honest) I had to under go re-evaluation. Unfortunately, I didn't like my 1st Neurologist much, and the 2nd had moved out of the area, so I had to see a third. That, of coarse, meant I couldn't get into the DR before the deadline, thus my licence was suspended.
The CA DMV doesn't offer extensions to their deadlines.

I got the paperwork faxed the same day it was filled out, then had my phone interview with a hearing officer, then had a behind the wheel test. By far the most nerve racking part!!!!
I passed, and got the letter today, I get my licence back! Yea!

During that time of all the paperwork, red tape and hoops to jump through, our insurance company decided not to renew our policy, which expires at the end of this month.
Now I have a licence, and no insurance. Hopefully we will have that all fixed up later today.

Any way, it's good to have one thing almost resolved.
"When troubles come, they come not single spy, but in battalions"
~ Shakespeare

Thankfully, the DMV personel were all helpful and nice, the DR was willing to admit he may not know what is going on, and it is almost finished!

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