Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Solved Mystery

For the last several weeks, my hubby and I had been wondering to where half a dozen pair of underware had disappeared.

I do at times allow help from each child in sorting, folding and putting away our laundry, yes even little Aliyah is allowed to "help!" Well, one of those times someone had stuck his underware in the back of the sock drawer and socks proceeded to fill in the drawer to the point of covering all of the pairs entirely!
Today I found them when adding socks. I went to put them in and wondered at the stack at the back... that's when I was able to see clearly what they were.

I wish all mysteries were so easily solved!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shame on Texas!

I am not Mormon, nor a polygamy advocate.

So today in Texas, parents accused of abuse have no due process. Without following the traditional practice of investigating a claim families have been ripped apart.

Mothers and children seperated.
CPS bus supervisors, having taken lists of names, call the mothers names and the number of children going with them, and escort them off the bus. Mothers who have children under the age of five are allowed to take all their children and get off the bus at the Coliseum. No caretakers are allowed to go along with the mothers to help. Mothers who do not have children under the age of five, but children five and older, stay on the bus and are driven a short distance to the Pavilion. All caretakers are also told to stay on the bus and get off at the Pavilion. Inside the Pavilion there are many CPS workers, male and female. Workers call the group of mothers and children to order, then a spokeswoman reads the names of mothers, caretakers, and number of children who go with each one again. Mothers and caretakers are told to walk a short distance away from the children. Some children try to follow their mothers and caretakers, but are stopped by CPS workers. Any mothers who object are escorted by CPS workers. Once the group is sorted, the CPS worker in charge tells the mothers and caretakers to step into the next room where, "...we will give you some information." Some children start to cry and hold on to their mothers. CPS workers take hold of children and say, "We will watch you. Your mom is just going to step into the other room. We will watch you until she gets back." Mothers reluctantly walk into the next room where the entire wall is lined with policemen, firearms handy. The mothers and caretakers are called to order as the spokeswomen reads the "information". The mothers and caretakers are told that the state has custody of their children. The adults are given two choices: to go back to the Ranch, or to go to the Family Alliance Shelter. There is not a choice to stay with the children. One caretaker asked what the shelter was, and if it would mean they could be closer to the children. A CPS worker explained that a person could go to the Family Alliance Shelter if they were afraid of anything happening to them at the Ranch. The majority of mothers and caretakers chose to go by bus to the Ranch.
Monday, April 14, 2008 2:35 PM

That's from this site set up by the church to support the restoration of the families.
Go there if you have an open mind, watch the videos and read the timeline articles.

You wont typically find this side of the story in the media.

At least California law, if not Federal law, states that children cannot be interviewed without the parents consent and they are entitled to be in the room. Where are these parents rights?

We also have a couple of legal safe guards like "innnocent until proven guilty" and the right to face your accuser.
The accused in this case doesn't even live in Texas,, he lives in AZ and the accuser is MIA! Yet for some reason 400+ children were removed from their homes for this?!?

An appropriate commentary from Joshep Farah at World Net Daily. says it better than I can!