Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the road we walk

I wanted to post my facebook status as:
"Remember to reflect on your own issues, downfalls and struggles more than on those of others. Spending more time worrying about someone else's walk than your own could be a sign that your own is sinking."
Or something like that, then commenting:
"And if you think I posted that about you, you should introspect as I was speaking about me."

I struggle sometimes with comparisons and seeing the shortcomings of a fellow sinner, and not seeing the proverbial plank in mine own eye... I have seen this trait in others too, which prompted the status idea (which I never did, and it would have been a little deceptive as I'm sure there were a few in mind besides my self)

Every now and again the Lord opens back up my mind's eye and I see that the road I walk with Him and the road that others walk is not the same road. Sure it is the "straight and narrow" road alright, but He does not bring us to the same conclusions or convictions as others at the same time.
Maybe my walk by faith in a certain area of life is further along, but you can almost guarantee that their walk is farther along in another area!

It is easy for me to trust God on certain issues without a second thought... but then there are others where, when I get down to the root of my issue, it comes down to trust. Do I trust that God will bring good of whatever is to come, or do I really think that this bad thing I dread is out of His control perhaps? Or that He will allow something that I dread and perhaps want my way more than I want what is His best?

I'm not saying don't lift others up or be concerned about them! By all means "bear one another's burdens" and "pray continually!" However, I'm thinking of our concern and worry over another when it can consume our thoughts and interests. Be concerned about the brother in sin and unrepentant to the point of lifting him up in prayer regularly, but not to the point where it is a focus.

Realize too that an area of conviction is between you and God, and between them and God... Romans 14 puts it something like
"don't be nosy, keep your silence and don't look down on eachother."
(which, as you, can tell is my paraphrase)

Comparisons are discouraging and lead to wrong views of self, whether it is that you are better or that you are worse. I do also look at others and say "I'm so horrid compared to her!" Or other such nonsense.
Look up to compare and we should keep proper perspective! Remembering, of course, that He looks at us through Jesus!

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