Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Ministering to others... just be yourself :)

I've never really considered myself "cool," or "fun," or really even that interesting... my Honey would be mentioning here "that it's a jab" at him since he believes all of those things about me ;) but he is biased.
Any time our church has had a need for youth workers, whether are AWANA leaders or VBS teachers I felt that the kids really would be sad to be stuck with boring little me. Why would any fun, young kid want to hang out with the teacher who isn't really exciting, or lively, but quiet/soft spoken... nerdy. I thought those events were really slightly tamed circus side shows at times, so I really didn't fit in with the talented others, but while I wasn't carting so many littles, I did try to do at least VBS.
One of the last VBS years I put in with my oldest on my back in a carrier... 11 years ago! It was this particular year that I was reminded of recently. A sweet friend, who is preparing for missions ministry school, was sharing with me how much it blessed her to be on my team that year! >shock< She was not the type herself to relish the wild and fun teacher, who to her come across as weird. Me being just my little self and offering it up for God to use, was indeed a blessing to a young saint, and in turn a blessing to me! :)

So next time you think you aren't cut out for the task, think twice... it may in turn be a blessing to others and to yourself as well!

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