Tuesday, August 23, 2011

slacking on eucharisto

Sadly, I have been slack in my Thankful lists for several weeks. For the first 5 weeks I had my list with me everywhere and wrote down every little thing. But after a bit I felt I was writing the same thing several times, and then I misplaced the list, and then I just ceased counting, or writing down my list.
SO I want to get back to keeping track!
Here is the pdf link if you want to keep track too. It can be a challenge to find 7 things each day, but it can also help find those "ugly beautiful" things we can give thanks for too.

I don't know what number I am on, but I list away anyway! ;)

  • The Edison bill was *not* double (like the first bill showed)
  • Our family treated us to a day at the Fair.
  • Seeing/connecting with a couple of friends.
  • Compliments in unexpected places.
  • Doing fun things in the spur of the moment fashion.
  • Help from Uncle Tim with kids and strollers!
  • A Hubby who enjoys calling me on his breaks
  • for this tidbit of truth "May The Word may be in our words to change our worlds."
  • For Mercies new every morning
  • For healthy children again.
  • for almost 12 mimi-me, who is turning into a good friend.
Pay no attention to the date... She tried to reset it and now it has the date all wrong! LOL

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