Monday, August 15, 2011

~Real Life~

I had a strange thought I'd like to share, and please let me know what you think of my reasoning/theology, or just share your own thoughts.

We are created to live eternally.
This place, the material existence we are so used to, is only temporary and really not real.
Heaven and Hell are what's real.

We don't really die in the sense most people think.
Those who leave this world for their eternity will be either alive forever in Heaven, or Hell.
So, you see, only those dead to this world are really alive.

My almost 3 year old asked me "Why did your baby die, Mommy?" and I think mulling over this brought on a sudden brainstorm of this death/life/eternity idea. I've usually thought of our babies as being completed souls, not as a certain age or as babies still, but just being perfected... so this idea of them being alive is nothing new to my mind. The contrast of them being the ones who are truly alive while those of us here are the ones not there yet is what struck me.

What say you?

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