Friday, August 05, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook 8/5

Outside my window... Darkness, as usual. A little earlier the crescent moon was yellowy and hanging just over the western mountains, it has set by now... so the stars will show better now :)

I am thinking... mostly of plans for tomorrow and the weekend... also of praying through the days of Ramadan.

I am thankful... for the Lord's protection on my little one who had a choking experience day before yesterday, and over my sister's family with the gas leak experience yesterday.

From the learning rooms... finishing up our studies of Ancient Egypt and the Bible :) Compared Passover in Exodus with the Traditional Passover Seder now celebrated and learned some about hieroglyphics. Did an excellent plant/leaf study this week for Science, everyone enjoyed it and had a good time taking part.

In the kitchen... Going to try to make a gluten free Challah bread to take Sunday to our class. Since we have several ripe zucchini I am going to attempt adding it to the mix too :)

I am wearing... pjs :) These very loud and out-of-my character, flannel pj pants that my momma gave me for Christmas, a black nursing top, a dark grey hooded knit sweater. (Honey likes the room temp a little chillier than I do)

I am creating...not much other than food projects, but I just read on Jo's daybook that some consider food a valid form of creativity :)
(and if you see her Chocolate marble cake, you have to agree!)
Oh! I did create some cards for my Momma and my niece for their birthdays Saturday! Fun, but Microsoft can be frustrating!

I am going... shopping tomorrow. I get a little nervous about it after the fainting thing... at least for a few months. Just makes me wonder if it will happen again today? In the store? While driving home? :/

I am wondering... if the season of my life, and the season of one of my friend's life will meet again soon?

I am reading... Bible, school, blogs. :) in that order. ;)

I am looking forward to... reading what your Simple things are :)

I am hearing... youtube worship :) provided by Jesus Culture and David Chrowder Band

Around the house... I did a good bit of vacuuming today (I also use it to dust) and then used the air compressor to clean the vac :) We have some painting projects and a couple of things to work on in our storage room.

I am pondering... the blog posts from Lynnette @ Dancing Again. Do I have a blog that is worth my time and my reader's? Do I add value or not? Do I continue because I find it cathartic or do I have a message to reach out with?

One of my favorite things... the little mark left on me from a little ear pressed against my skin. **sigh**

A few plans for the rest of the week: shopping, Sunday School, Some projects around the house, a chiropractor appt.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Love when they play together, and those baby belly laughs!
Wanna join?

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