Thursday, August 18, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook 8/18

Outside my window... Dark and still. Only the stars moving over head and the little critters of night out for a frolic. :) Finishing this in the Hot and Sunny part of the day. It seems still, but maybe that's because it's a breeze, not a gale, out there.

I am thinking... my poor sick baby is concerning me. It's day 3 of a fever with few other symptoms. Time to call the Dr?

I am thankful... things went well for a dear friend yesterday at court. Still a long road, but some of it is past now.
I am also thankful that my littlest sweetheart is nursing again, as with the fever she had refused a couple of meals yesterday.

From the learning rooms... I was discouraged earlier today with what we haven't accomplished in our learning, and in the house for that matter, but we do have another round of mystery illness, and they have had some fun learning experiences this week which will stick better than the text book stuff will anyway! I was encouraged by the blog I shared below in the posts.

In the kitchen... My fry oil has been out far too much lately. >insert guilty smile< and I have some special birthday requests coming up at the beginning of September I am gearing up for. But yesterday's fun was teaching my 9 year old how to make scrambled eggs, and being helped by a soon-to-be-5 and a soon-to-be-3 as we made blueberry scones.

I am wearing... White nursing top, teal pj pants with teddy bear pattern, fuzzy socks (because my feet generate their own cold) Not in PJs anymore ;) More of a workout outfit in black and blue (lol) but it's light and I can clean in it without concerns.

I am creating... we are working on planning out a play called "The Exodus" I may try to record it :)

I am going... to be home bound until kids are better again. Then we have some plans to visit with a few families we don't get to see much. :)

I am wondering... why we have continued the barrage of illnesses this year.

I am reading... Bible... which right now is really interesting to read chronologically as we skip about from Jeremiah to Ezekiel to Kings and Chronicles. School books. Just finished Little Men and looking for our next story book.

I am hoping... to get to some cleaning projects soon, but especially the spot treating carpets before we have my in-love's over.

I am looking forward to... the approaching birthdays and the gifts I am preparing :)
also to having healthy kiddos! and a possible camping trip soon.

I am hearing... Computer humming, the whoosh of the cooler and the rhythm of the fan; the click of the keys beneath my fingers.... and in the daylight... sounds of a toy, children playing and laughing :)

Around the house... I'm stressed about the amount of non-sense on my floor, and the condition of several catch-alls around the house. But my dishes are all cleaned; I found one counter, wiped it; the stove top and oven clean; and have paths. (actually more than just paths in most of the house, only the kids rooms can I describe that poorly) And I have held my poor darling babe as she feels so icky... which to me is the more important thing!

I am pondering... plans and expectations. Are my expectations too high, or my plans too many to fit in their given time? Or am I distracted or lazy since I cannot meet those expectations? Guess this goes back to, What's Important Now; and only working in that area.

One of my favorite things... laughter; the sound, the feel, watching it! :)

A few plans for the rest of the week: I finally got eye appointments for soon-to-be 12 and Hubby (takes me a long time to finally call to make appts!) but I get to sit these out and stay home with babies. I need to get some shopping done, and will be excitedly preparing Birthday cards and gifts for the 2 beginning of September girls.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

I love those hugs and smiles!

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traceylynndel said...

Scared me for a second, blog reader had it labeled 8/19. I thought I forgot my son's birthday! ha ha ha

Nice post. I enjoy reading what you are thinking.

Monica said...

>insert embarrassed smile<
I originally posted it as 8/19 on accident! :/ LOL
The realized it was 8/18 and redid the post. Sorry! LOL

I'm glad you like to read what I'm thinking. :) I like reading what you are thinking too.

Miss you Friend!