Tuesday, August 23, 2011

thoughts on blogging

So in my thoughts of to blog or not to blog; I struggled with several issues.
The biggest of which was the simple fact that I don't think I am inspiring. My blogs aren't deeply spiritual, and sometimes I don't even have the scriptures I am basing my ideas off of in my post... other times I hit on an idea only to see that I am wrong about something in there.
(Hence the allusion to not being perfect in the title)

So I guess I was left with, do I need to be inspiring, or can I just be me? Silly, ordinary life; sometimes something I feel pressed to share; sometimes just reminders to myself; sometimes pics; others just plain nonsense... this is my life. My life that I share with you, if you'd like; and if not, I guess you won't be reading long.

I think though, I connect most with people putting themselves out there... not the ones that have posts on scriptures and sermons, not that I don't think those are valuable, just that I read them without ever feeling like the person writing it is a person too. Some even have made me feel like I am not a good Christian. Maybe I don't get to pray for an hour a day... I also don't get to pee by myself 9 out of 10 times... that is where I am in my life seasons.
So you can join me here with your cold cuppa tea, since we don't get to drink it hot, and we can enjoy whatever is going on in life together. :)

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