Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another of the blogs I read Raley Family's Farm has a great post on Homeschooling with Confidence. I appreciated the reminder to look for learning and not simply muddling through the text or finishing the text as a sign of success.
I know I got great grades in school, but learned relatively little. I would stress about a B- or C! I could keep up at the top of the class in most subjects, but couldn't tell you about the parts of speech or how to properly use a semicolon. I retained Algebra long enough to pass each test, but couldn't do it well now with out a crash course. I don't think I was even taught World History since the Finals were all on US States & Capitals; US Presidents in order; and The Bill of Rights/Amendments to the US Constitution. Hmmm. I can't do all of that anymore either.

I'm not saying don't use any texts, or don't have standards for your school, but ~relax~ and enjoy learning together! A message I found much needed this week!

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