Thursday, June 02, 2011


We got to enjoy a day out in nature this weekend...
when the weather finally permitted us to go.
We had a nice little picnic,
then set out to "explore!"
Moriah, in a rare "still" moment.
I had to get her attention to get a face shot!
All the other pics have only hat! :)

(If you right click and choose: "open link in new tab," the butterflies are much easier to see)
You can barely see them, but there are two yellow, swallowtail like butterflies.
Neno, who thinks the name of all butterflies is "Monarchs,"
was so excited to see some of these flitting about.
I got this picture of him looking up at me
while trying to capture the beauty of the two playing in air.

Another neat discovery...
These create hours of entertainment to us!

Big sister, Ysa, trying to teach little Bri how to catch a tadpole. :)

Pumpkin was quite at home playing in the creek!
She was really good at catching tadpoles,
but I fear she may have also killed
several in her wanderings up and down the creek. :/

Karissa had a nice time hanging out in the stroller
and in the back pack carrier,
but was quite happy to be back home
where she is exploring all of her surroundings by crawling everywhere!
She has even pulled to standing now... eeek!~ ;)

Ysa and Bri were buddies this trip.
(They actually chose it that way, I didn't have to ask!)
Obviously they were enjoying their time together.

I am afraid though that we only increased the severity of everyone's camping fever,
which, as you may know, has no cure. ;)

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Linda said...

Your little adventure with your kids looked fun. I love seeing butterflies! And when I was a kid my brother and I always caught tadpoles.

It is fun to "commune with nature"...and think of God and all of His creation.

Happy Wednesday!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits