Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And another day goes by...

We managed to get into our Pediatrician Monday, and get 3 kids seen; two in the morning and 1 late in the day... which means 2 trips into town, no naps, nothing done around the home front.
2 of those have ear infections, which brings the family total to 3 kids... 4 ears since Baby Karissa has a double :-/ The one little one who sounded the worst actually isn't sick. Probably allergy yuckies, but nothing they Drs are worried about.

Tuesday, trying to listen to the wise advice from Leslie in my comments the other day, I took a nap and did pretty much nothing else... well, we did do Bible time! I also went to bed at a reasonable time! (shocked? I am!)

Today we have a few errands which went surprisingly well! Thanking God for a working Vacuum! So today I maybe undid the rest from yesterday, but it has been soooo long since we had a vac that I hardly waited til we were inside to plug it in! Seems kinda sad to me that I am so proud of my accomplishments for vacuuming the two largest rooms in our house and washing dishes... but I am happy it is done!

And now as I try to wind down, my mind is spinning every-which-a-way with thoughts...
like choosing to thank God for giving antibiotics as a way to help heal our bodies, instead of mulling over the sad "Baby's first" foods (flavors) ranking "fruit gum flavored amoxicillin" in the top few. (Of course, she has scavenged a few things I wish she hadn't too)
or wondering if I am selfish for snuggling her close as she sleeps and savoring that moment; when earlier, though she cried, I could not simply sit and hold her... too much to do... :(
and have I even learned the lesson that *this* time goes so swiftly!? Sure we need clean dishes, but won't they always be there? She will not always be this small and demanding (she'll be larger and demanding ;) lol) and I Will Miss This!

So I may just blog a couple of un-numbered gratitudes.

  • Cilantro Flowers
  • Being able to walk more easily (after cyst removal/stitches)
  • The feel of soft baby hair against my chest... close to my heart.
  • The little bee in the zucchini flower.
  • Cool breeze after a long, hot day.
  • Wind blowing ripples in the alfalfa.
  • Unexpectedly bumping into dear friends. (gotta love Costco! lol)
  • Our first "mini-batch" of salsa from our own garden stock!
  • Friendly, helpful nurses.
  • Antibiotics, wisdom God has given to men for our benefit.
  • A working Vacuum.. same day, cheaper than expected!
  • Sunshine through the clouds.
  • The occasions when I do well instructing my children.
  • Honesty -- even when it hurts.
  • The odd places & ways little people find to sleep.

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