Friday, June 03, 2011

More than Thousands

I think, as I write out the gifts innumerable, that there are more than thousands! (I haven't numbered them yet :/ but guess I should do so ;) at some point)

So ... More!
I added in the numbers, but did so after typing it all up and numbering previous posts. Since I took from my 7 gifts lists, I added the number they would've been... so they are not in order! :)

40. The little bubbles, microscopic ones, that the dish soap container pushes out to fly around in the air when I use it to refill the sink dispenser.

41. Bagel "Butterflies" that we made for the first time.

42. Watching Honey play with our little ones. :)
43. My children's excited desire to write on their own 7 gifts lists.
(Free download of the list page!)
99. My first 7 gifts list finished!

44. Meeting eyes with a wild animal.

48. Watching the little spiders spin.

45. Excited, giggly morning greetings of siblings.

46. Morning hugs.

50. Little ones helping "all by myself Mommy"
Brianna getting her Daddy water, of her own accord, because she is concerned for him :)

49. Little girls wearing the little pink dresses.
(The first time the big girls wore them... right after I finished them)

(The last time they wore the dresses made for them. Then Mo moved up to the bigger dress. Now Aliyah and Brianna are out growing them!)

47. The "pound- pound- pound" of little feet (raised foundation!)

51. Having a wise correction/ a fitting word.

76. The busy bees humming.

77. The click-clock noise of the ravens.

78. Small hands on my cheeks as a little one kisses me.

89. Surprise chores done for me by a child.

90. Calls from loved ones.

88. Chicken soup.

94. Hubby making me tea without being asked.

95. Free audio books since I've lost my voice!
(Check them out at though they are having issues from a recent hack)

96. Kids preferring my reading to them over the audiobook.

98. Kids "missing" my voice.

87.Clearing Weeds from the flower beds.

86. Clean, filled liquid hand soap containers.

97. Finding humor in life!

100. Hubby taking care of all of our shopping so I can rest.

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