Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Humble Thy Self

Another lovely little gardening lesson. :)

Maybe not in the truest sense, but in the fact that you must humble yourself, or make yourself low, to truly observe and care for the plants. So many little weeds to pull are easy to see from right down there practically touching the ground with my face, but from a standing position are not even remotely visible.
How much is our sin so invisible standing afar until we humble our selves into the dust to really see! It spoke to me as I reached around the flower bed, uprooting minute little weeds before they are well established and able to cause my flowers harm... that unless I am willing to really get down on my face and look at my sin, they may become large and cause more harm!

In the parable of the enemy sowing weeds in the field, the farmer said of his crop, "Let them grow together and we will weed them out at the harvest." The reason being, the good plants would be hurt in the uprooting of the weeds! The weeds there in my heart can hurt the good fruit I so desperately want to grow (and wonder if there is any to really speak of) if they are left to become large... I can't afford to let them get big! But that means I must weed often and humble myself to really see.

Take every thought captive is just that... a call to true, and very difficult, diligence. And it requires humility to see each thought for what it is, and deal with it accordingly.

You know, I am really enjoying gardening and the little lessons I am learning along the way. :)
I hope that it bears good fruit for my family, and for my heart! ;)
How is your garden growing?

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