Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Thoughts

Thinking today on Fathers.

I'm so blessed my Daddy was a believer who tried to impart wisdom to his girls! I know that many years passed while he prayed and prayed, and took each opportunity to tell us things from the Bible, but saw no fruit. Sometimes I wish he were here to be Grandpa to my kiddos, but others I am glad he is not going through this life any longer... to live is Christ, to die is gain.

I'm blessed to have a husband who values us. Me as a wife, our kids, being together and doing things together... he doesn't like to be gone from us, but enjoys family time. He strives to be someone who understands, best he can, what is important to me and values my opinions, convictions, and ideas. He is silly, just like the rest of us, but isn't one who can't be serious. His desire is to take care of us, and I know he loves each of us.

I am saddened today as well, as I know a family, whom I love dearly, who does not understand such ideas. Their experience has been quite the opposite. Daddys to them are angry and violent, you never know when they may blow up and what they may do next... This is so sad! Not only because it is what has been "normal" to them, but also as it reflects on God as Father. How are they to relate to all the beautiful passages of a Father God who loves them when what they know of a father is so far from Love?
Will you please pray for this family? They have been moved out of the situation by Social Services and are on a really rough road.

I thank You we can approach You as Father, Abba!
Please correct our view of You to line up with Truth. Thank You for revealing Yourself to us and Your gift of reconciliation.
I thank You for the daddys here on earth who strive to bless their families by walking in Your ways! I pray for those who do not know of Your Love, that You would draw them to Yourself!

May Your Peace rest on those who love You!

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