Thursday, June 30, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY the last of June 2011

Outside my window... Bright blue skies, trees swaying in the breeze; warm sunshine streaming.

I am thinking... finally taking time to do this in daylight hours! ;) We have so much to prepare for our camping trip (just gonna plan on it til the day we go or don't)

I am thankful... to have a working vacuum again, and several cleaning projects done.

From the learning rooms... going to focus today on the History of the Fourth of July. :)

In the kitchen... lots of leftovers we need to be creative with... thinking I'll turn some of it into Chimmi-chungas, or some other deep fried food ;)

I am wearing... Grey nursing top, tan skort, white socks.

I am creating... several fun cover pages for journals we plan on keeping... like our "Camping Commentary" to keep thoughts like these daybooks of our trips (and temperatures) to look back on. :)

I am going... to get my stitches out tomorrow! Really can't wait as I think they are bugging me more than the incision.

I am wondering... why blogger wouldn't let me post or comment the last couple of days.

I am reading... Bible ~Always!~ Blogs; need to bring Ann's book with me camping :)

I am hoping... that we can have a nice vacation time for Hubby to relax and enjoy. He will be really discouraged if we can't go camping (would be due to sickness,) so I'm hoping we can enjoy the time regardless of where we are.

I am looking forward to... camping (noticing a theme?)

I am hearing... the sounds of children interacting (and some bickering) and the whoosh of the cooler.

Around the house... I've actually gotten some things cleaned that really needed it... like the vacuuming, and the stove range so that the back burner will light again.

I am pondering... the illnesses we've been battling so long; and if Karissa is whiny because her ears hurt, or if she is having a reaction to her antibiotics, or just because... maybe teething finally?

One of my favorite things... Listening to rain. It's been awhile, but that's life in a desert!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Dr trips are happening more often right now, so a couple of those. A little shopping and packing; celebrations and BBQs for the holiday; hopefully camping soon-ish!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Got Marshmallows? ;)

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