Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Would you be irked?

So today is the first, the lovely day that I pay rent. usually I get it there a few days early, but I wasn't feelin' all that well, so I didn't do it until today.
Anyway, we have kind of a sticky relationship with our landlord. When we moved in here a lady from our church was the manager for her grandparents in law who owned the property. Her husband never seemed to care for me, but it never really concerned me. I figured we were different types of people, so maybe it was just that. His wife and I became good friends and spent a good deal of time together until a year and a half ago when she moved. They got a divorce, and as they almost all are, it wasn't pretty. I think this hurt the already uneasy relationship with her now ex husband and myself as now I was the exwife's friend.
Well, before all that divorce stuff they lost the grandparents 3 months apart. So now the ex husband is my landlord.
He seems cool with us and doesn't act as put off by me a he did before. (Maybe now I am more of a person since he's had to talk to me instead of his exwife doing it.) But a lady that lives with him seems to dis like me very much. They are next door to us and since the post office failed to deliver my rent one month, I walk the check over. When there is a vehicle present, I always ring the bell first, and for a couple of months I got the lady; she seemed very put off that it was me and was rude. And one other time their mail got delivered to my house, but I didn't know anyone's name, except my landlord and she was like mad at me when I tried to give her their mail! So now, when the vehicle is there, I ring the bell and no one comes. Eventually tired of standing in the chilling 25 mph wind, I put the check in the mail box.
Today after puttting the check into the mail box, I wasn't even back to my own when she came out and got their mail. It kinda irks me that she totally avoids me. I try to be a nice person and I have never been mean to her in anyway. Maybe now it is she who doesn't like me for being the exwife's friend?

Oh well!
A good rant always helps!

In other news,
I tried to tell my mother in love my secret..... it didn't get through!
But just so you know Jenn, I am trying to tell you soon.
In fact I have thought a few times that I could tell everyone who reads this and no one in my family would ever know..... not one of them reads it! I guess they hear enough from me all the time :S


Monica said...

I could maybe tell you what I told her and see if you guess it?!?

jenn & simon said...

Monica your landlord's GF (I'm assuming here) is a twit. You're being super-nice trying to deliver the mail/rent to her door and she's being pi$$y. Hmpf!

And i've been very patient waiting, LOL! I hope you get to tell your mother in love soon! (you must be excited, no?)

jenn & simon said...

i already have a guess but go ahead and try it on me! feel free to email me (iiicrazycats AT yahoo DOT com) if you don't want to post it here, LOL.

Da Revy said...

I want to play too! Pick me!

And to answer your question, yes, I would be irked.

Monica said...

Thanks Gabe.
Good to know I am not the only one ;0)

So I told my MIL I would be out growing my wardrobe......
But she didn't guess, maybe she wasn't playing? Anyway there was a whole conversation and it fit in.

Da Revy said...

hahah, my suspicions are even closer to confirmed