Tuesday, February 07, 2006

the things kids say or should this be the things MY kids say?

Due to the fact that we have a difficult time getting our kids to eat meat, and sometimes anything other than junk, we instituted the so many bites rule. Depending on the age of said child they are expected to eat at least one bite for each year they are old. (they have to be actual bites too, not nibbles)
So our 3 year old (who will have to take 4 bites starting next month) begged yesterday to have 3 more bites. She usually goes on and on (at dinner particularly) about how this is the "best dinner I've ever had today" while she sits avoiding eating any of it; and that's exactly what she had done prior to the begging. So we allowed her 3 bites. I saw 1 and 2 but missed seeing if she had taken 3 or not. So I asked her, thinking the whole time that as any kid would she'd lie to avoid bite 3, and she said that she had eaten it already.
I suggest that perhaps for our sake she can choke down another bite to make sure? And my 6 year old backed me up by saying "Yeah, Mo, you should take bite 3 again."
To this Moriah responds, "I can't. I already ate it."
SO I figured she must have actually eaten it since the response time was so quick and accurate especially for a 3 year old!


jenn & simon said...

Mo sounds pretty cute! It's my firm belief that parents should keep a log of all the cute things their kids say before they reach the teenage years, LOL! Hope you're well! ;-)

Monica said...

That's a great idea Jenn.
I have kept a journal per kid since I found out I was prego with Ysa.

Mo is too cute! I don't have favorites, but many family members have told me she is theirs!