Thursday, February 09, 2006

Really have something to say?

Today instead of simply rambling as usual....
I thought I'd spend some time explaining a discovery I may have made.
No it's nothing big or scientific, but may make me a little less mysterious!

With a diagnosis of Hypoglysemia, which is low blood sugar, many of my episodes of loss of consciousness could be contributed to the blood sugar issue.
Now I had figured this could be the case with the fainting like stuff, but what about the seizure like stuff?
Well, the recent advances in studies have revealed that not all seizure like behavior can be contributed to the two former causes, epilepsy, or faking for attention. They have decided to make a new category called Non Epileptic Seizures or Non Epileptic Events. Of which there are two categories, Psychological and Physiological.

Now some of the stuff I have researched suggest that NES can only be the psychological events, but there is much evidence that physiological conditions can contribute to these types of convulsions.

So what's my point?
Simply this...
It is highly probable that I have experienced NES of physiological origin due to drops in blood sugar. The only thing that hinders this from being a truely enlightening finding is that when I had my last 2 episodes, they were 15 minutes apart and I was 20 weeks pregnant, I had to be sent to the ER and there, directly after having a convulsive episode, my blood sugar tested 100 which is in the normal range. So now I simply don't understand how it could recover so quickly!

But perhaps this is the begining of a life a little less mysterious!
(Do I have to change the name of my blog?) ;0)
{Editors note ;) The original intent of this blog, started at WebMD's request, was to share with others whatever medical condition you had. So my title was "Medical Mysteries of Monica" as we don't have a specific condition found... only certain symptoms that something isn't right... maybe that screw that's loose?!? ;) }


Da Revy said..., who knew?

Caprice_WebMD_Staff said...

No, you definitely don't have to change that catchy title. ;-) But less mystery when it comes to our health is definitely a good thing! Hopefully they continue to discover pieces of the puzzle.