Wednesday, February 22, 2006

just a rant

SO maybe it's the hormones, but I have a short fuse for obnoxious things.

This Avis commercial is buggin!
SO it is a "rent from us and eventually we'll give you a free rental"
and it goes something like this...
A couple driving (In a rented car from Avis no doubt)
And the female (passenger) is trying to guess where they are headed.

This is the part that bugs!
1/2 of the 4 places she lists are inherently girly! "Oh, that Bed and Breakfast?
A Day Spa?" Perhaps he wants to go Skiing or Apple picking, but it seems to me like she wants him to do something she'd like to do...... not necessarily something he'd want to do or they could enjoy together.

So when they get there and they are taking "Lasso lessons" she's obviously ticked.
Well, prissy missy you were fine with him doing things you'd like....right?
I think it epitomizes our selfish society that wants the world to revolve around "me" no matter what that means for "you" and the rest of everyone else.
Roping is fun! I can rope a slow moving fence! teehee! She should suck it up and give it a try and maybe they can discover things that they like together. He's obviosly taken her to "that" Bed and Breakfast, kinda boring for a guy, but it wouldn't be "that" if they hadn't tried it.

Hubby and I like many things together, and many I wouldn't even kow how much I like them if I hadn't tried. In fact, there are times when a friend asks him to go do something and he declines the offer cause he'd rather go do that with me! And I love that!

So I guess moral of the story is:
Pregnant women are touchy!


Da Revy said...

Pregnant women are insane. I have no problem doing things my girlyfriend likes, but we generally trade off. And she doesn't make me do anythign she knows I'd hate (Like getting pedicaures) and I don't make her do anything I know she'd hate (like backpacking)

amapain said...


Your good news is indeed good news and I feel proud you shared it with me.

I wish you good luck with this pregnancy, hopefully, no morning sickness, or big weight gain, huge mood changes and that everything goes just like you want.

And if you want to be nit-picky about commercials, go right ahead.

Take care of yourself.



Monica said...

Gabe, sounds like a good working relationship!

The wind must have blown you far away! ;)

Thanks for letting me rant guys....I guess you didn't have a choice, but you did read and commment! :)
Not feeling as moody.........right now.;)