Monday, February 13, 2006

The Cat is out of the bag...

So I can now tell you all that we are expecting an addition to our family in early September!

All of you who have guessed that, yeah, you were right.
I have this thing tho about my family finding out first. I made only small exceptions and most were for the purpose of prayer!

That makes us 10 weeks 5 days along which is farther than we made it the last 2 times when we miscarried. Last Friday I saw the OB and had an ultrasound, so we were able to see the baby move and the heart beat. They recommended that we take baby asprin one a day, every day. DR said that sometimes mothers have a problem with clotting, which causes the loss. We don't know that was the case, but they feel it is a precaution that should be taken. They don't feel I am "habitual", which is good because that increases the risk of another miscarrriage and makes it a high risk pregnancy. But they said I don't show signs of that, and have successfully delivered 3 babies.

I don't think I will feel "comfortable" until the baby is born and in my arms. I can no longer think that if things are "going the way they should" that it means we are "safe". I am not stressed about it so don't worry about that. I believe that God is the Creator and Sustainer of all life (as defined in the Psalms as from conception) and that He gifts these precious little ones to me for a short time..... my job is to give them back to Him. Also believeing Him to be good, I trust Him to allow whatever needs to be in my life and bring me through it a stronger and better vessel.

So far I am not so sick. I have a Sept. baby, and she and I were here together 7 years ago. Yet I remember it like it was last week. I was so sick and only got sicker and sicker and nothing helped, no Rx drug, no natural vitamins and herbs, and I found out I am intolerant to the Rx prenatals, I believe because they are synthetic. So by now with her, we were learning the finer art of driving and throwing up at the same time, and had some non oral medicine (yuck!) and became familiar with bathrooms all over my area. I was sick like that thru at least 20 weeks and then it settled to being only a couple times per week that I would throw up, through the end of the pregnancy. My shortest bout was with my son and I was done being terribly sick at 16 or 17 weeks.
So this time seems like a cake walk. I didn't know it could be so easy and still be pregnant. My only times of not being sick during this time we miscarried early. So to see baby was a bit of a relief still, tho it doesn't seem like "safe" is a real thing. Dr told me to think about the successes I have had and not the losses.

Well, enough of this rambling giving out more TMI as usual!
I'm off to give baths and start our school day!


jenn & simon said...

congrats!!! SO glad you can finally let the cat out of the bag!! hopefully DH is as positive thinking as you are and you're getting the support you need.

i know you've been through it many times before but you may like the pregnancy boards here at WebMD. i've found some great friends there who've actually become RL friends. our kids play together even.

anyway, here are some HBVs (healthy baby vibes) ~*~*~*~*~*~*

some SPVs (stay put vibes) ~*~*~*~*~*

and NO throwing up vibes (no acronym for that, LOL!) ~*~*~*~*~*

p.s. nice looking fetus there!!

Kaytie_WebMD Staff said...

Congratulations!!!!! I'm looking forward to following the progress of your pregnancy.

Yeeehaaaaa, the first WebMD beta blogger baby!

WebMD staff

Da Revy said...

I knew it!!! I had it figured out from the day you said you had a secret, I knew!

Congrats! Nad healthy Vibes to you!

cj said...

Congratualtions!!! I finally stopped in to find out the secret! Thanks for encouraging me soooo much Monica. You have helped more than you will know. I pray for a complication free pregnancy and a healthy baby for you and your family.

cheers, cj