Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The test results are in..... may I have the envelope please...

So you'll all be glad to know that I had my Drs appt. yesterday, and found out that I failed both tests with flying colors!
The heart monitor showed several bursts of rapid heart rate with no reason and apparently I didn't notice since I never touched the button thingy.
The Glucose test showed hypoglysemia, tho some would call it pre diabetes.
I was high at the 2 hour mark and low at 3 and 4; man does that explain why I felt so terrible at hour 3 and 4!!!
The Dr is sending me to a nutritionist for some help in dietary changes; he said my diet was great and very healthy, but I get too many carbs at a time. He said I should have a half slice of toast instead of a whole slice, and I need to cut my fruit servings back! (I wonder how many people are told to eat less fruit!) Also things like corn have to be smaller servings, so no more whole cobs for me! The only caffine intake I get is from black tea and he said no more caffine at all. *Sniffle sniffle* He also said the cheesecake is a no no! Can you believe this! ;o) It's a sad day when your told no more cheesecake! Afterall it haas cheese, a protein, and egg, another protein....and those are good for you....right?!?
So now the hated low carb diet thing is going to be a whole family thing. I figure it may be easier now that Hubby and I are on similar diets, and if genetics come through for the kids the odds are great that they will strugge with hypoglysemia or diabetes at some point in thier lives. So maybe it will be a help to them for me to get them strated in the right direction.
The Dr said it is his present opinion that all my spells, the heart rate and other symptoms are blood sugar related, and the comfort in that is perhaps if I get this under control, I wont faint/or seize or whatever, any more! And, my favorite, I can be drug free!


Caprice_WebMD_Staff said...

There's certainly reason to be hopeful. :-)

And you're right about the new way of eating helping everyone in the family now and in the future.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! I hope they get to the bottom of it for you and you can get stabilized soon!

jenn & simon said...

Jeez Monica, that's a whole lot to digest in one appointment. hopefully the doc has given you some written instructions as well and you have some recheck appointments scheduled.

healthy eating vibes ~*~*~*~*

pssst!! stilling *patiently* waiting for an announcement! =P