Thursday, January 19, 2006

Still have not much to say.

Glad to find my last post was at lest partly amusing! :0)

Not feeling well today and I need to be fine for Staurday as the Zoo trip will be exausting if I feel fine!

In other news......
I used to post regularly at the ecommunities, but I got side tracked with my Christmas projects and trying to learn to blog. So, quite guiltily, I went there a couple of days ago and updated everyone on how I've been, and I was surprised to find a wonderful warm welcome! I felt so loved, cause they are really a great group of people.
I highly suggest this site for people with epilepsy and those who have children with it! It has a lot of great information and all of the people are willing to share their situations and research.
WebMD also has a support group for people with epilepsy, and I haven't been there much since they redid the boards! I confuse easily!

I feel like if I don't have epilepsy after all I shouldn't frequent the sites for people with epilepsy, but I may never know for sure! And the friends I have there don't think I should leave. Like I said there really great.

So that's what I've been up to..... not too much else.

Amapain, if youre out there somewhere, you've got me worried, it's been 5 days since you last posted.....are you ok?
And to all my other fellow bloggers...... I notice when you're gone too! But she's the only one out right now.
OK that's all


Kyra_WebMD_Staff said...

I think you should still visit them. Friends are friends, no matter what = right? Reverse the situation, if you were a member of that community would you expect someone to leave and not visit if they got a different diagnosis?

Hope you feel better for the zoo!

cj said...

I'm agree with Kyra here. They are your friends not because you have or don't have a condition.

cheers, cj

jenn & simon said...

chiming in: keep posting to your friends. i've hung out on boards where i don't really *belong* just b/c i've got friends there. most ppl don't mind (and those who do, don't matter =P).

now hurry up and blab your secret to the fam so you can post about it here, LOL!

~*~~*not so patiently waiting*~~*~

Da Revy said...

Yah, it can be weird if you feel like you don't fit in...I am one of TWO guys on the asthma board, and it's kinda wierd....but I get by okay. Best of luck to yah!