Monday, January 09, 2006

I have to address something...

I usually address comments in the comments portion, but these 2 comments need airing where everyone can read them.

Karen, you posted under the poem, "If I had my child to raise over again" that I am patient. :/
Unfortunately this is a misconception! I wish it were true, and unfortunately the only way to aquire such things as patience is to suffer trials and perservere. :( Yuck! I do however find the compliment a help, as everytime I have yelled at my children since reading it I think how unlike that statement I am how how much more I should try.

Jenn, I have to admit, about telling my secret before the 13th of this month, it should be out of the question! I simply cannot tell everyone until some very important people have been informed.... yet due to the nature of some of these people, I cannot tell them for sometime! However, what everyone needs to hear is the chances of me making it as long as I would set out to is slim to none! I am horrible at waiting (hence the no patience thing!) for secrets/surprises to come out! When I was a little girl I used to show my sisters their Christmas presents days to weeks before Christmas. One year in my preteen years I decided to wrap a particular present so I wouldn't show my sister..... until I could bear it no longer and carefully unwrapped the gift, showed her and rewraped it! :} My sisters were masters at fake surprise faces (8-o) as most years there wasn't a thing under the tree I hadn't already shown them or told them about!!!
So we will see how long I can really last!

As for the GTT, I've had several ranging from the 1 hour to 3 hour tests and all have been fasting.... don't know what they let you do with different Drs and different states, but here with my labs/Drs I cannot drink much water, just enough to wet your mouth. Cannot eat anything nor chew gum and have to have blood drawn every hour (on the hour/ half hour mark), some start with a draw then you drink the icky stuff then it's every hour... some start with the icky stuff and then it's every hour, so we'll see what they do this time! I am sure it wont be the best day, but I've had many worse! Hubby and I aren't sure I will be able to make the full 5 hrs as the 3 hrs are usually pushing it! But I suppose that if I faint or seize or whatever, we can have it documented.... maybe we should bring the video camera... just in case! ;)

That's all the ramblings for now!


jenn & simon said...

Monica, you're just making it HARDER!!! wah! i'll be here to check up on you around the 13th! hurry up!!

and i'm with you on the no-patience thing. i'm also sucky at keeping secrets....

amapain said...


I can't remember if you mentioned once if you were pregnant. But isn't that why a GTT is done? Or what? Are you or aren't you? Is that the secret or isn't it?

Looks like I'll wait until the 13th like everyone else.

Take care and good luck with keeping that secret..LOL!


Monica said...

The GTT is to try to DX low blood sugar.

As for the scret, you'll have to stew with me! :0) LOL!

Thanks for being ever so supportive guys!