Monday, January 23, 2006

Back again....

Well, we had a wonderful 2nd Birthday for my son.
The zoo was tons of fun, and everyone was able to make it.
Afterward we went to Bob's Big Boy a historic landmark, and excelent restaraunt in Glendale, CA.

Traffic wasn't too terrible and we made it there and back without seeing an accident!

Now I have three days of dishes to catch up with and zero motivation! I am sooooo tired!
Tomorrow my mother in love is comming for the day so that hubby can take me to my DR in the afternoon. Which means I may have results of tests for y'all day after tomorrow.... but also it means that if I don't get my dishes done, she'll finish them for me! Gotta love free help!

If I could only convince my 6 year old that spelling wont kill her then perhaps the day would go by faster! I was hardly able to pull myself out of bed at 9 am and after breakfast I climbed back in for 15 minutes "rest" while my 2 year old wiggled under the covers next to me. Now it's almost lunch time and I have no idea what we'll do for that or for dinner, and both could be contingint on the rest of those dishes being clean! Yikes! I sure hope not, or we may starve!

Is it nap time yet?
I have decided that this should become more of a priority, nap time for me, I mean.
If I can get the little two down at the same time, I can give my bigger one a reading assignment on her bed until I wake up and it should all be good. Reading is Ysa's favorite subject and she doesn't really mind what she reads, but if I let her choose it will be Little House! So that seems like a plan, ay.

Well, enough blabbing. maybe I'll have something more interesting soon.
Thank you all for your encouragement on the last couple of posts!


jenn & simon said...

so cryptic my lady!! my DH helps so much in the kitchen otherwise i think i'd be under a pile of dishes myself.

hopefully the kidlets cooperate and you can get your nap in.

Da Revy said...

Ick. Dishes. Do what my ever wise family does. Use paper lol.

On another thought, I really like the term Mother in love. I usually just call my BIl my bro because i feel the same way, but then people get confused.

Ysa has good taste. I have to ask, do you speak Spanish? Because that seems a very Spanish spelling to me.

Monica said...

The name is Spanish Moorish, Ysa = Moorish = Christ Child
Bella = Spanish = Beautiful (but you know that)
We actually went with the Y spelling to confuse people into asking the pronounciation! :oD, more like "E sa" than "i Z a" and that way people would use the pronounciation we chose.

I am no where near fluent, but passed my AP Spanish test in my Junior year of High School and have just been out of practice. The last time I was able to really use it spoken was when I was a translator (the only one!) on a mission trip to a Mexican orphanage 7 years ago!

Our faily uses paper products like crazy!!! But unfortunately we do have to use pots and pans.... can't cook a family meal on paper... at least not on the stove! :)

Da Revy said...

I prefer the pronunciation ysabeya, but no one would ever do that unless you spelled it that way. Very cool name, though. I like the way it looks.