Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sorry to keep you waiting...

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday as I was at the lab for most of the day and took a long nap when I got home. You could say I was drained! It seems the most fitting word!

So this is how it went.
They first did a finger prick blood sugar test to make sure my fasting sugar was in the normal range. When it was normal they drew a vile.
Then came the icky drink stuff. It was orange so it wasn't as bad as some I have had!
After that we drew blood every hour for 5 hours! (9:15, 10:15, 11:15, 12:15 & 1:15)
I didn't feel well at all, but I did make it through the whole thing.
They let me drink an alright amount of water, and so this time my veins didn't collapse.
6 viles total.... not too bad.

The lab techs were very nice and very encouraging! So all in all it was an alright day.
I tried to read, but by hour 4 I wasn't able to make any sense of the words. I could still read them, but couldn't retain nor comprehend much of what I was reading, so I gave up on that.

Hubby was there and supprtive too. He bought me lunch on the way home. We decided drive through was best so I didn't have to wait and could get home quick. I managed to fininsh off my meal faster than I should have and was sick for the rest of the evening. That was smart!
And rounded out the day with a 2 hour nap!!! That was nice!

So now I can tell my DR that was the last GTT I will take! Not goin' ta do that stuff again for a while! I will have bruises for a few days where they drew and may be a bit sore, but it's over!!!

In other news....
My baby boy will be 2 years old next Friday....*sniffle sniffle*
We are planning a trip to the LA Zoo. As members we get in free and I have enough free passes (a member perk) that I can take Grandpa, Grandma, Grammie, Uncle Tim and Auntie Jodi with us for free! So it seems like fun and, hey, it's free. Still don't know what to give him, other than the balloons we decided on months ago, but it will come to me... and hopefully quick!

Well, hope you are all having a nice weekend!

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