Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I am sooo boring!

Sometimes I really have to think a while of what to blog and still come up with nothing!

My 6 year old spell check is over my shoulder catching anything I miss! Instead of doing her spelling lesson I might add. And I am finding that I really have nothing to say! I know that is truely amazing to those who know me! But I guess I have a mental block.

I am trying to come up with a way to tell my secret to my loved ones, (they'll figure it out soon if I don't) then I can tell you all. I was thinking of telling everyone when we are at the Zoo on Saturday, but I'd like to keep the attention on my Birthday Boy!
He is excited, not about his birthday which he seems not to understand, but that we will have a party with Uncle Tim and Grandpa! They will both be there and he is really looking forward to seeeing them!
Last night during his prayers, I help him by giving him words to say and he repeats,
I said, "Thank you God for Daddy," He said, "Tain tu God for Daddy,"
I said, "and for Mommy," He said, "Uncle Tim,"
I said, "and for Bella," He said, "for Bewa, Mo"
I said, "and for Neno," He said, "Uncle Tim"
Me, "and Auntie Jodi," Him, "Auntie Jodi an Uncle Tim!"

So I'm getting the impression that he may be fond of his Uncle Tim! Whaddya think!?!
We all love our Uncle Tim and Auntie Jodi and new baby Isaiah! We look forward to seeing them Saturday! And until then, dishes, laundry and school await me. Bored yet?


Da Revy said...

No man, dishes are the coolest conversation topic ever. So what do you use? Corelle?

jenn & simon said...

Monica, you are driving me crazy w/ your secret! I'm sure you'll come up with a way to tell your family, but DO it fast!! *pouts*

Monica said...

Oh I have quite the assortmant of dishes..... tee hee!

Sorry to drive you nuts Jenn!
Hopefully it's a farther drive for you than it is for me!!! ;)

cj said...

Did you win the lottery? I need to know the secret NOW!!!

ahem...I fine and composed now :))

cheers, cj