Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Eureka! I found it

My kitchen didn't disappear, as I had feared, over the holidays... it was there under everything else!

I had an extended vacation from the pc (and housework) as hubby was home from the Thursday before Christmas to the Monday after New Years! It was nice and we all are having daddy withdrawls! (We are a very connected family!)

I was finally able to schedual my blood draw. :\ Yippee :/
It will be on Friday the 13th! I am not stupidstitious (a Monicaism), it just figured.
I am not thrilled about the length of this GTT (not the exact test as the link, but close enough) as 5 hours after overnight fasting and I don't mix well. Am not sure who will be taking me but I have plan A and B ready and a babysitter to boot!
It will probably be no where near as terrible as I think and, hey, I'll probably get to go to lunch afterward! Ahhhhhhh, the silver lining.

I am having a difficulty blogging as I have something I can't yet mention and ya know how when your not allowed to do something it becomes more tempting? Like someone says "don't look" and your head reflexively turns... or talking about blinking or yawning, you inevitably do it!

Anyway I will post whatever nonsense I can for now and I'll keep ya posted when I can.
I know something you don't know....tee hee **wink*wink**


jenn & simon said...

glad you found your kitchen. i'm waiting with bated breath to hear this new bit of news. will you be able to share before the 13th? best of luck on the GTT. i had it and it wasn't too bad. bring some water (to keep your tummy happy) and something to do.

Kyra_WebMD_Staff said...

haha finding your kitchen! Ha! too funny. Now come find mine!

Monica said...

FL is a loooong way from CA!
Sorry I can be of no assistance on your kitchen!