Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pictures from the week

These are some of the fruits of our garden labor. Strawberries! :)
Living in California and having access to Oxnard strawberries regularly, it seems odd to try to grow some too, but it seemed fun and rewarding so we are giving it a shot!

This variety is called "Sequoia Strawberry."
Now, also being able to enjoy the Sequoias on our camping trips, and having hugged the base of a giant with the kids a couple of years ago (See pic below,) the name brings to mind HUGE strawberries, does it not!?!

This is one of the strawberries we have from our Costco box, next to our home grown "Sequoias" ;) hmmmmmmmmmAnd this is them individually next to some familiar sizes ;) for reference.

And this is us, with a Sequoia, also for reference ;)

I found this funny...
maybe they are describing the giant flavor of the berries??? ;)
They are very tart for such small berries!

We also have some yucca growing in front.
I recently cut all of the dead flowers from last year
(shoulda done a long while ago, but couldn't while {fat} pregnant... they are poky!)

and they have soooooo many flowers now!

Aside from their poky exterior, they really can be beautiful! ;)

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traceylynndel said...

interesting looking flower. cute strawberries too.