Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Thousand Gifts

18. The moon rising, when it is yellowy orange.

19. Using leftovers in a way that is entirely different than the original dish (like fried balls of "dressing")

20. Singing the "sunflower song" to our flowers

21. Dancing with my girls to Hallelu Et Adonai

22. Watering the gardens and orchard.

23. The wind across my face.

24. Story-nap time.

25. Snuggles.

26. Looking through old family pictures.

27. Hugs.

28. A hot cup of Earl Grey with cream and sugar.

29. Fresh fruit.

30. Learning about new friends.

31. Visiting with old friends.

32. Lighting candles.

33. The "new baby" smell (sigh) :)

34. When the kids "do Mommy's hair"

35. Hearts (everywhere!)

36. Watching the clouds change shapes as they move across the sky.

37. Seeing the owls swoop by us anytime we drive home in the night.

38. The sound of waves crashing or waterfalls.

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