Friday, December 23, 2005

Our Mo

So my almost 4 year old comes up with a handful of coins.
I ask the obvious question: "Where did ya get them Mo?"
She brings over a large thermos.
"Where were they before that?"
She brings a small, teal play bucket.
"And before that, where were they?"
She brings a green hat.
"Before that?"
Another bucket, this time in yellow.
"Mo, where did you get them before they were in there?"
She grabs an orange bucket.
"Where did they start out at?
Were they on the top of the fish tank?
Were they in your jar?"
Apparently they simply appeared, of coarse, and have no origin!

Last night, same daughter....
It is dark in the house, and everyone should be asleep...
Daddy and mommy are snuggled on the couch watching a movie, when out of the darkness we hear the small little lisp of our Mo.
"Daddy, mommy, there's something crawling on our floor!"
Thinking it is just another ant, I sarcastically ask "really"
Then nicely, "Where?"
She points to what looks like just another toy on the floor and it really doesn't seem to be moving, still our good daddy, goes to look.
"Oh my goodness......
it's a frog!"
Now how it got in is quite illusive to us and how it evaded our vicious cat I will never know.
So being who I am, I wake our 6 year old who "wasn't sleeping" -- right -- to show her too.
We are weird, yes, but we live in a desert so frogs are a rare sight, and hey, how many come for dinner?


amapain said...

Your little Mo sounds so cute. She must keep you in a constant state of laughter.

We don't have many frogs here. When we're not in a drought and getting plenty of rain, there's plenty of toads. They like to come to dinner, too.

Take care,

Monica said...

She is quite the character.
Sometimes the phrasing of what she wants to say is a little jumbled!
The other day she said "Mommy, when you sing that song it sounds like your pretty."
It was a good laugh for me and I know it was meant to be a compliment!

Kyra_WebMD_Staff said...

They just appeared, lol. I like that.