Saturday, December 17, 2005

Computer Crash

I'm sure this isn't headline news, but it is why I haven't posted for a week.

We seem to be up and running again, but I'm sure that could change at a moments notice! :
I had the Holter Monitor test form Monday to Tuesday and it really wasn't bad. There were 7 electrodes when I was expecting 2, but I slept fine with it on and even got to skip a day of dishes! :-D
Of coarse they were waiting for me the next day...

I am now waiting on the Glucose Tolerance Test, and not so excited about this one at all! But it looks like I'll be getting it done next year ( in a few weeks), so I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

Christmas is shaping up nicely, and I am basically done; however, husbands can be hard to shop for.
Ever notice how all man toys are really expensive!?!
So we are awaiting what he actually gets for Christmas from others before we decide how much we're shelling out where and for what!

I have decided to make myself a gift.. I made aprons for both girls and am now going to make an apron for myself with the same style as theirs. I found some cute fabric on clearance and figure I need an apron more than the girls. Every day I soak myself as I wash dishes! Today I wear and apron and towel and not a drop gets on me anywhere! But this apron is only the waist down style so I will make a full apron and save myself the two outfits a day routine. Saves on laundry? another hated chore! Which reminds me that I have a load to hang!

I am so very sure you're all enjoying my rambling and stream of consciousness writing...yeah, sure...but I'd better go if I'm to get this load dry! :o)


jenn & simon said...

GTT = not bad at all! I had both the one hour and the three hour when PG with my DS. Thankfully, I did not have Gestational Diabetes. I drank the super-sweet orange soda/syrup on an empty stomach and they took my blood 4 times (on the three hour). The hardest part was sitting around for 3 hours. I took some cross-stitching with me to keep myself occupied. I also had to get up and walk around and drink lots of water to keep my stomach happy (no eating, of course). Best of luck! Glad the Holter Monitor wasn't as big a deal as you thought it might be.

amapain said...


Hope your blood work came back okay. Have your docs decided your diagnosis?

How do you ever find any time for yourself? It seems like you're always busy!


Monica said...

Thanks guys!
Karen, I can't get the GTT done until time!
And I wont know the results of any testing until I have a follow up.

Jenn, I have had 3 1 hour tests, and 2 three hour tests, but I don't function well with the no eating thing for very long and 5 hours!!!! Yikes! I am not sure I'll make it all the way thru, but they are checking for hypoglysemia, and often the 5 hour test gets it the 3 hour doesn' I've heard. Glad that your test was good! And that's some great advice...bring stuff to keep occupied.

Karen, you'll be happy to know that I did get some "time to myself" last night. I was out til midnight with a friend for a baby shower (which was a little hard) and with a normal bed time of 8 PM... I'm feelin' slow today!! Tee hee!