Friday, December 09, 2005

Out of the mouths of my babes

All of us crowded onto daddy and mommy's bed...
Even our cat is snuggled on my side.
Ysabella, 6 years old, says to Moriah, almost 4 years old, regarding the cat
"Put your ear on her head"
Moriah does.
Ysa: "Can you hear her thinking?"

Dad and mom had a real good laugh at that one!

She also has a new Christmas song medley that's hilarious to hear, probably wont sound as good in writing.
"Better not shout, better not cry,
better not cry and I'm tellin' you why
Santa's comming, comming by,
I could wish you a Merry Christmas
if I had my two front teeth!"
The 'teeth' is a higher pitch like the whistle in that song.

In other news.... we are off to the DR to get a holter monitor on today.
Now I'll get to log everything I am doing as well as everything I am eating! Yipee :Keep you updated on how that all goes!

Update: The monitor wasn't there, so I go back in Monday!

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