Saturday, October 22, 2011

Reflections on Sin

We've been talking a lot around here lately about sin.
Sin is Sin is Sin.
Aside from the societal need for a justice system, why do we categorize sin?

Surely there is need for us to differentiate murder and lying in court, but in spirit they both lead to Hell!

I believe that this hierarchy of sins is part of what Jesus referred to in the plank/speck parable.  When I list certain things higher than others, I am usually comparing my "specks" to the "planks" I don't think I possess.  The "well, I'm not a murderer, "sinner" or tax collector" mentality leads to death.  My sins may not be deserving of jail time here, but apart from Jesus, I am surely worthy of Hell.

I believe the Bible is pretty clear on some issues being wrong.  One of the more recent topics of conversation has been "alternative lifestyles." I believe these are wrong and that the Bible has been fairly clear on that.  BUT I also believe that people in this sin are no different than people in any relationship outside of God's design.

Some factions of the church are accepting this life style in a way that is harmful because it undermines God's clear call to repent of sin to turn to Him.  Yet others are making the dangerous mistake of elevating this sin above the others of similar nature.  Is it more sinful to be in a relationship outside of God's plan for marriage if you are the same sex?  I don't believe there is a condition on the sin of fornication.

I don't believe we should not speak out on sin issues because we sin too, but that we should examine ourselves, our motives (must be in Love,) and avoid the pitfalls of using unjust measures. It says as we measure it will be measured to us!  It also says that if we see someone in sin and we are to warn them.
Others with a strong sense of justice have a hard time with mercy, but they really balance eachother on the scales.
"Act justly.  Love mercy.  Walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8

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