Thursday, October 20, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook 10/20


Outside my window... the early dawn is brightening the sky with rosy pink and orangy-yellow hues; it is still, calm and crisp.  A lovely autumn morning.  (time for tea)

I am thinking... is little Karissa getting sick, teething, or suffering from allergies?  It made for a rough night for us to have her congested and restless no matter the cause, but it would be nice to give her some help.

I am thankful... oh, for so much!  But right at this moment for the sweet sleep my nursling is getting now, and the restful quiet I can enjoy with her.

From the learning rooms... we had soooooo much fun with report giving for our Israel: Moses through Divided Kingdom study. 
Neno (2nd grade) gave a report on the important ancient trade routes, items and transport methods which included a map the others had to recreate. 
Moriah (4th grade) spoke about ancient Phoenicia and some neat facts she found out about them... like farming elephants! 
Ysa (7th grade) studied archaeology and a few excavation sites in Israel and Egypt.  She spoke to the kids about the interesting things she learned and created (with help) her own excavation site that they all got to dig. :)  They had so much fun that they are planning to do it for their new "game."  We took a box, dirt and a few items we didn't mind burying (like some clay  trinkets, coins, some (cardboard) clay tablets with heiroglyphics (sharpie markered on) and a couple of sharpened sticks as spears or arrows.  The kids took turns digging with a couple garden trowels and a small paint brush.  They each found 2 things, then allowed someone else a turn.  :)

In the kitchen... I made stew yesterday.  Well, Ysa and Mo really helped out and did quite a bit of the work I had left.  I was a hot... fairly warm day, but it was still a nice, comforting dinner *and* I don't really have to make dinner tonight. :)

I am wearing... My pjs still :) Some of the only pink I wear as they are comfy and were a gift from a sweet friend.  Also a grey nursing top and cozy knit socks.

I am creating... lots of fun school papers on our paint program.  We have made a few connect the dots (numbers and letters) pictures, and math designs pages.  You can easily make the math pages with a set of problems in your particular level for lower level math.  Just make dots on a page, 2 for each problem that are spaced around the page.  No order is necessary, just put dots around.  Then place a problem (2 + 2) by one dot, pick any other dot on the page and place the answer (4.)  The student then connects the dots from problem to answer with a straight line.  Some times I will have several with the same answer, the effect is cool, but you need fewer dots as they all connect to the same one answer.  Once all the problems are matched, they color their design any way they like. :)
I made this one, to show you, on google docs. You should be able to print that too :)

I am going... to be staying home while we figure out if this is allergy or germy congestion going on around here.

I am wondering... if I may be getting it too,  or if I'm just tired this week.

I am reading... Bible, Streams in the Desert, Jo's Boys (read aloud for story-nap) and our school stuff.

I am hoping... to get to have some play-dates soon.

I am looking forward to... visiting a couple dear friends.

I am hearing... Neno and Punkin talking over the Vision Forum Catalog in my bed as they just woke up.

Around the house... it's all upside down!  We were trying the 31 days to clean, but if you haven't organized or cleaned certain places... you'll take more than 31 days!  We are stuck in the kitchen cupboard reorganizing and cleaning!  And really, other things have been more pressing of late.  Today's plan will be to accomplish the dishes and schooling, then try for some extra work in bedroom disaster zones.

I am pondering... if my expectations are too high, or if we really don't work well... or efficiently.

One of my favorite things...  baby snuggles (have I said that several times?)  what about the little curl that is starting to show on the side of Karissa's head? :)

A few plans for the rest of the week:  will be contingent on illnesses... or lack there of.  I hope for church and a play day that has been postponed a few times; and the usuals of life.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Brianna with her happy faraway look. :)
Makes me think I should have the kids do a creative writing page about the picture.
What does it make you think?

Join us at the Simple Woman's Daybook and enjoy simplicity.

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traceylynndel said...

When I saw the picture I thought I saw you in her face. She has your eyes.