Thursday, November 03, 2011

Forget look before you leap... it's look before you sit! ~a small collection of funny things I've learned because of child-rearing~

As the title states, I have a few things that I find funny that I've learned "in the trenches" so to speak. ;)

1) Look before you sit.  Yup... potty humor, but truthfully, we potty training mommas really should be looking first!  Our particular toilet seat is wood and has a pattern that hides any such "misses" that small ones have left behind them, so in my case, wipe the seat first would be more accurate!  Better to be cautious than damp ;) lol

2) Put the toilet paper on with the flap going toward the back... I know my dear Brother-in-Love would go nuts with it on "backward" but it buys some time, and less tp ruined, as you train the little one not to play with the paper.  Most only hit the roll and see it unravel a lovely pile and then continue to hit the roll... so with it on in the other direction they hit the roll and it does nothing fun! ;)

3) Learn to laugh now at the things your kids do... why save that for when they are all grown?  Laugh now, laugh with them... it really makes life easier!

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